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About Us

The Stork Bag is a company created by and for mothers. We believe that creating a supportive environment and building a “village” to provide support to new moms is essential to their mental health. We deliver on this belief by creating products and delivering services that support new and expectant mothers through all phases of pregnancy.

Founded by Ericka Perry in 2014 and acquired by Reimar Group in September 2021, The Stork Bag is a company that caters to the needs of women and seeks to empower them through their journey into and through motherhood.

Managed and operated by a team of moms, The Stork Bag is the ultimate gift for new and expectant mothers. We are dedicated to serving our customers in all their needs. From curating special gift bags, to working with corporate wellness programs to support new mothers, our team is ready and available to take your emails and calls.

Our goal is to be the gifting company of choice for expectant new moms. We deliver on that goal by creating partnerships and programs that empower all woman to succeed regardless of their goals.

Reach out today. Email for more information on any of our programs or services.

The Stork Bag - 2nd trimester bag

The Stork Bag

Our Approach

The Stork Bag team strives to put a smile on the face of every mother that receives one of our boxes.  Whether you are buying for your wife, daughter, daughter in law, friend or yourself, we want everyone who receives a Stork Bag to be pampered.  That’s why we are always searching for the right product partners – so that we can continue to offer the best pregnancy gift ever.

The Stork Bag is loaded with useful items for any expecting mother.

Melissa F.

This gift was so adorable! I ordered this for a friend and she loved it!

Kelly G.

Excellent products and a very thoughtful gift for any expecting mother.

R. Bolton

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