5 Ways To Rise Above The Stress And Channel Positivity In A Busy Season Of Life

Guest Post by Emma Cook

Being busy and being stressed tend to go hand-in-hand. So how do you rise above stress during times of increased stress and focus on positivity? Whether you are a top leader in your industry or a busy mom that takes on all the family’s responsibilities, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Start with these five tips on how to channel positivity during your busiest periods.

Plan Ahead Whenever Possible

Having a game plan mapped out during high-stress seasons where you know you are the busiest will help keep you organized and also help break down your tasks and projects into bite-sized pieces. Whether you want to plan a month out, a couple of months out, or even week-by-week, try and keep yourself organized. Did you know that staying organized helps decrease stress and promote positivity? Consider the notion that working in a clean and bright environment helps keep you focused. The same can be said in staying organized during your busiest periods. You’ll know you’re on track the entire way.

Observe Before Acting

In times of high stress, we tend to make quick decisions that may bite us in the end. No matter how busy your life gets, try and take a moment to observe your surroundings and think before making a decision. Being able to take the time to make a thoughtful decision will give yourself the peace of mind in knowing you made a careful decision, even in times of high stress.

Give Yourself a Break

Nobody is perfect, so don’t think you are either! Expecting perfection, especially in high-stress periods, will only prove to create negative energy when things don’t go your way. Keep in mind that mistakes happen, some items may fall through the cracks, and move on from it. Or try and take those events in a positive direction by learning from them in the future. Along with this, make sure you know when to call in reinforcements. If you need to pick up your drycleaning or call a repairman to fix your fridge, don’t feel bad about it. That means you are ensuring your family and home is taken care of as well as possible.

Try and Stay Neutral

Negative feelings often stem from high stress and therefore lead to making biased decisions that could bring negative consequences. Try and remove yourself from situations to take a neutral position whenever possible. This could be anything from planning out your month, working out bills, or making decisions on a big project ahead. Focus on what is most important to bring about the best results.

Prep Yourself for Only Positive Thinking

During our busiest times, we tend to get bogged down with the stress that comes with it, which brings a more negative outlook on our lives as a whole. Negativity breeds negativity. Try and avoid this by taking the time to do things that are a surefire way to boost your mood. Whether it is starting your day with positive affirmations, meditation, or making sure you are eating right. Do what you know will prep you for positivity throughout the day.

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