7 FREE & Fun Family Activities!!!

With colder temps, it’s easy for cabin fever to kick in if we stay cooped up in the house too long. With that scary notion in mind, we’ve come up with 7 fun activities to keep your family busy without costing you a dime! Check them out:



  1. Museums! FREE?? Yep, believe it or not, many museums have free days/times for families to come and visit during the winter months. Although many of them have specific ‘free’ times, this is still a great outing for the entire family. Pack a lunch and head out to your local museum!
  2. Parks…I know, I know the park is outside but hear me out. In many of the colder states public schools allow the kids to play outside for recess anytime the temperature is above 32 so bundled those babes up and head out to your community park for some good old’ fashion fun. Pair your outdoor fun with some yummy hot cocoa and you’ve got yourself a free fun day!
  3. Gyms: Have a gym membership? Bring the kiddos along for a family work out. Many families don’t think about this but imagine the fun games you could come up with by mixing your workout routine with some dance breaks!
  4. Movie Time! Who knew the family room could be converted into a movie theater?! Pop up some popcorn, grab some juice boxes and pull out that Halloween candy (I can’t be the only one still holding on to 3-month old candy)! With so many video-streaming services and on demand movie access, you’re sure to find a movie that the whole family would love! Fun, Free and convenient!
  5. Rec Center/YMCA: This community gem is a gold-mine for fun and free family adventure! From a friendly game of basketball to a little pool-time (indoor of course) fun. Check out your local recreation center’s event calendar.
  6. Sightseeing! Pack everyone in the car and head over to the next town for some sightseeing. Live in or near a large city? Even better, there’s always so much to see in new or big cities. Even venturing to your local downtown area would be a treat; all the antique shops and old diners make for a good history lesson. Don’t forget to pack the snacks!
  7. Library!!! This gem earned 3 exclamation marks because there’s so much free fun hidden away at your local library! From allowing the kiddos to pick out their very own book with their very own library card, to enjoying story time, arts and crafts and even movie time, the list goes on and on! Many local libraries have an event calendar as well with upcoming events they have, which are usually free of charge. The adventures tucked away at the library are endless and a true gem for the entire family.


Have another free and fun family activity suggestion? Leave it below!!

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