I recall quite fondly the big plans I had for documenting the birth and the joyous (yet exhausting) early years of my children. Oh! The adorable baby books and monthly pictures next to the same stuffed animal I’d take, the scrapbooks and photo books and especially the witty family holiday newsletter. Most importantly there was beloved Pinterest which contained every cute idea under the sun and moon and back!

Sleepless nights, long days, diaper changing galore and let’s just say most of my crafty chronicles didn’t occur exactly as imagined. I barely got the Christmas cards mailed by New Year’s Day my first year as a mom and the baby books collected dust. I kept telling myself I’d get to it all soon and I chugged along. I think I can, I think I can…but truth be told, I never did. At least I managed to write milestones on the calendar, so there would be something to look back on with a fond memory that WE SURVIVED! First steps, first words, dentist appointment, get oil changed, and of course FIRST TIME SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!

What would seem to be a very sad occurrence GASP! AN EMPTY STORK BAG; has turned into my dream come true. At long last I have found the perfect whereabouts for baby keepsakes.   A bridging of both journeys if you will, pregnancy warmth evolves to childhood reflections.

So here are my TOP TEN. You may notice the hospital bracelets aren’t included because I still plan on putting those in a clear Christmas ornament I’ll decorate to hang on the tree each year, perhaps when my daughter goes off to college I’ll get around to that one. Ho ho ho!

  1. Hospital hat (Although it’s not the super cute one currently offered in the TSB Post Bump Bag!)
  2. Congrats cards for me & Dad
  3. Baptism candle and bib
  4. 1st birthday candle
  5. A little box with 1st curl from 1st haircut
  6. 1st toothbrush
  7. 1st Birthday cards and 2nd – 5th birthday cards too hehe.
  8. Baby’s 1st Christmas stocking
  9. 1st pair of cute booties
  10. My pregnancy journal and notes written to my 1st born.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy looking through this bag throughout the years, adding more and taking a trip down memory lane. One day passing it along when I join the ranks and become a Grandmother. Until then, I hold my treasures close to my heart. Thank you Stork Bag, the gift that keeps on giving!

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