Dating Your Spouse: Date Night Ideas From The Stork Bag After Having Kids

When couples become parents, we too often forget that before we were “mom and dad” we existed as a couple. We spent time together on a regular basis, asked one another regularly how each other’s day was, and conversations did not revolve around kiddos.

Very often couples tend to fall into the cycle of working and parenting. Ask yourself, when was the last time you actually went on a date with your significant other or had a conversation about the two of you? And by date, I mean a date without your little one? You probably can’t even remember, and if you can, good for you! You’re finding the time to make taking care of yourself and your relationship a priority- which most of the time gets neglected after becoming a parent.

It is always important to have a balance between self-care, being a parent and being a good partner. As parents, we often feel stretched so thin with all of our responsibilities that a date night with our significant other is the last thing on our mind, but you’d be surprised how relaxed you may feel after a date night. I think generally as parents, we feel guilty if we make time for ourselves or take time away from our little ones. If we are a working parent, we feel guilty for being away from our partner and child throughout the day and if we are a stay at home parent, we feel guilt that the other parent isn’t around as much and a lot of times we feel lonely.

Below are our tips for some fun “date night” ideas- and by date night, we mean spending quality time alone with each other, with minimal conversation about the kids!

Go to the movies
Breakfast or dinner date
Hit the links and go golfing
Bowling night
Paint class date night

Some “short on time” date recommendations:

Coffee and/or dessert at a local bakery
Visit the local farmers market
Go for a walk

Can’t go out at all? Bring the date night home! After the kids are asleep, order some take out or stock up on your favorite snacks and watch a movie or a few episodes of your favorite tv shows together!

The budget, time or setting of the date really is not important-what is important is making time for one another and taking time to appreciate and remember that before you were parents, you were a couple. Taking care of your relationship can be a form of self-care and will allow couples to check-in with one another and make sure that they are on the same page in regard to parenting, future goals and life in general.

Now go forth and get your next date night planned! What are your favorite post-kids date night ideas? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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