End Of Summer Fun: Our Top Five Favorite Activities To Get In With The Kids Before Summer Ends!

 Schools are starting back up and the leaves on the trees are starting a gentle turn in color. Fall will officially begin in one month which means you have a little bit of time left to get the most out of every minute of summer.  These are our top five, can’t miss activities that if you haven’t done yet, you should go out and do them before the temperatures start to drop!

  1. Splash Pads: All kids love splash pads, even babies. It’s a great chance to cool off without the worry of keeping an eye on multiple children in a pool.  Make sure to visit one near you before they get shut off for the season, which usually happens around Labor Day!


  1. Local Parks: Make a list of all the parks in your area that you haven’t visited yet this summer and hit a new one every couple of days. Pick a new favorite and come back with a few friends and a picnic lunch or dinner!


  1. Zoos: This is a must do if you haven’t been yet! It’s such a fun way to learn about animals while keeping the kids entertained! Keep in mind that many zoos begin to shorten the hours that they are open during colder months so summer might be your last chance to make a full day of it!


  1. Fruit Picking: This is a fun one, especially for the fruit lovers in your family! Find a local berry farm and take everyone out for a fun day of picking fresh fruit. The older ones will have fun finding the perfect fruit and the younger ones will enjoy all the free samples! Now is a wonderful time for blueberries, nectarines and of course, apples!


  1. Backyard fun: Summer got you drained and don’t feel like leaving the house? Never underestimate the “end of summer” fun kids can have in their own backyard. My kids can spend hours playing with things, which you can probably get now on summer clearance, like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kites and water guns.  Invite some neighborhood kids over to make it even more fun!


What are your must do activities you still want to do? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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