Expecting Toddler Mom: 6 Helpful Tips

And then they were two…….

I thought I knew the basics of motherhood by the time my daughter was two. So when my husband suggested we start trying for our second kid, I was confident I had it all under control. What’s the worst that could happen? Fast forward to a year later… is it me or are the days longer and the night’s shorter?

Oh my, I have decided there are different stages of motherhood and each has its own challenges and solutions.

As a mother of a toddler and infant, I am constantly looking for ways to cheat time. I always want to squeeze out another hour from the 24hours in a day. It’s impossible!

I have learned that nothing is easy, you only get better at it with time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids plus the laughter in my home has doubled, the joy has increased and with two kids there is never a dull moment.

Are you a mom of a toddler and expecting another baby well, here are 6 tips to help you:

  1. Anytime your toddler calls for your attention, make sure you give him/her your attention.
  2. Refrain from blaming the toddler for anything that happens to the baby.
  3. Know what your toddler loves that can keep him/her busy for 20-30mins and use it whenever baby needs your undivided attention.
  4. Ensure your baby’s arrival does not upset your toddler’s routine.
  5. You and your spouse should exchange one on one bonding time with each kid. Daddy and toddler time, mommy and baby time; daddy and baby, mommy and toddler.
  6. When grandma/grandpa comes to visit let your toddler introduce the baby, and let grandma know he has been a good big brother.

Any mom of a toddler and infant have any tips to add to this? I would also be grateful if anyone could tell me how to create more time. xoxo

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