Fall Maternity Style- The Stork Bag's Six Must-Have Pieces To Look Good And Not Break The Bank

Let’s be honest- pregnancy and high fashion don’t typically go hand in hand. Not only is it hard to dress a bump and body that is constantly growing and changing but it’s hard to swallow spending money on pieces that will only be worn for a short amount of time. Trying to dress your pregnant body can be so frustrating, especially as seasons change and you find your wardrobe once again insufficient. Check out our list below for our suggestions for six must-have pieces that should help fill your wardrobe gaps and keep you looking good through the winter-or until you give birth, whichever comes first!

1.Oversize Sweaters- These are a great buy for the fall/winter months ahead. Not only can they be dressed up or kept casual, they are also super cozy and very accommodating for your growing bump!

2.Leggings- If we had to have a list with only one item on it, this item would be it. Leggings, like the sweaters above, are versatile and comfy. And don’t forget stretchy- invest in a few good pairs and they will be able to be worn even when you are at your most uncomfortable.

3.Layering pieces- A growing bump isn’t the only problem women face while trying to dress during pregnancy- body temperature fluctuations are also an annoying and unpredictable problem. Dressing in layers can be an answer to this problem- pick up a couple of pieces that can be layered such as vests, jackets and blazers. Not only can it be shed if you get overheated but also doesn’t need to be buttoned to complete your look- which is great for a growing baby bump!

4.Stretchy Tees- If you don’t already have a few of these from summer, now would be a great time to pick up a few. Try and find them in extra long so they can be worn as your bump grows. These can be worn under any of the layers mentioned above and are also comfortable enough to wear all day long!

5.Maternity Jeans- When leggings don’t quite make the cut, it’s time to bust out the jeans. It’s super important to get a pair that are comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time. Find a pair that look and feel good- you won’t be sorry, and you can wear them well into spring.

6.Comfortable Dress- Do you need to dress for an occasion that requires a little more than leggings and a cozy tee? Look into picking up a dress or two- a nice dress will have you looking chic in no time! Blanket or wrap dresses in knit materials are really popular for the colder months and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

What is your favorite maternity fashion must-have piece for fall? Let us know in the comments below- we would love to hear them!

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