Fitness Tips for New Moms from The Stork Bag

Yay!! Congrats!! You had a baby and if you are reading this we assume you are not only surviving motherhood with a newborn but doing well enough that you feel like you are ready to shift some focus on you by starting up a fitness routine.  If you are like almost every single new mom and not sure where to begin, you are not alone.  Keep reading as we share our tips for getting back into the swing of things after having a baby-and by the way, these apply if you baby is 3 months old or 7 years old!


1) Be Patient - If we had to pick the most important on this list, it would be this one.  You must take your time on this and not rush. Your body just did something so incredible and you must give it time to heal and sort itself out!  Listen to your body and go easy.  Also, make sure to wait until your doctor says it's ok to start exercising again!


2) Set Realistic Goals - The best way to avoid burnout and not get discouraged is to give yourself realistic goals when you return to a fitness routine.  Your fitness level probably isn't quite what it was pre-pregnancy and that's ok, but you must give your body and mind time to play catch up.  Giving yourself goals that are easily attainable will help keep you motivated and feeling good.


3) Start Slow- This might be obvious but as mentioned above, your fitness level just isn’t what it was so start slow and just make a goal to be active in some way, whether it's taking the baby for a walk around the block or doing some callisthenic exercises on the floor with baby during tummy time.  Yoga is always a great way to get your body moving again while taking it slow!


4) Schedule time and Make a Plan - Time flies most of the time but it can especially fly when you are taking care of a baby too! Whether you are back at work or staying home, setting aside a specific time to get your workout in will help prevent you from running out of time in the day.  And plan for what kind of workout you will do so that once the time comes, you know exactly what you are doing.


4) Make Friends- This is a great time to meet some new mom friends!  Look for local mommy and me workout groups that incorporate baby into your workouts! This is a great chance to not only meet new friends but working out with others will help keep you accountable and make the workouts more enjoyable!


5) Pick your "gym" - Realistically decide where your workouts are going to happen so you can plan accordingly.  If you are going to be doing workouts from home, make sure to designate a place in the home and gather equipment you might need ahead of time so you don’t lose motivation when the time comes by not being prepared.  If you are planning to workout at a gym, be sure to arrange childcare ahead of time or pick a gym that has childcare on site.


6) Keep healthy outside workouts- Feeling good about yourself and practicing self-care is not exclusive to working out!  Be sure to keep your diet as healthy as possible, especially if you are breast-feeding and don't laugh when you read this, try to get enough sleep.  Us moms are so guilty of using naptime or bedtime as time to do other things-make sleep a priority and you will notice a big difference in not only your energy level when working out, but in getting on track to feeling like you again!


What are your tips for working out after baby? We would love to know what worked for you in the comments below!

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