Five Practical Tips to Create Self-Care as a Busy Mom

Guest Blogger: Carley Schweet


Self-care can feel like a cruel joke when you’re a mom. Moms are busy human beings - juggling a million different thoughts, to-do’s, and emotions - all at once. But (there’s always a but), just because self-care can feel wildly unattainable doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary to your health and wellness.

You’re a human, too, mama.

To help you better create self-care in your day, we’re sharing five practical tips that will help you carve out that required “me time.” While it might not always be easy to find time for yourself, you’re worth fighting for, and these tips are here to support you.

Let’s Redefine What Self-Care Means

Before we dive in, it’s critical to examine what ‘self-care’ means and look at how that differs from what we see on social media or read in a book.

  • Self-care is not selfish
  • Self-care is not a luxurious act
  • Self-care is not only a bubble bath
  • Self-care is nothing to feel guilty about (even though that’s easier said than done)
  • Self-care is not the same as self-soothing

No, self-care is none of these things. 

True, transformational self-care is required to support mothers and encourage their utmost health and wellbeing. This type of self-care looks like learning how to say no, setting boundaries, asking for help, expressing emotions, and giving yourself grace when you need it most. These are some of the types of self-care tips that you’ll read below, as we all know that all the bubble baths in the world won’t help when you’re over your head and nearing a state of burnout.

Self-Care Tip #1: Harness Your No-Saying Power

Learning how to say No (and embracing it) is an essential part of a thriving self-care practice. Here’s the thing, mama. You can’t do it all, nor should you be expected to. It’s unrealistic to carry around that expectation of yourself.

Practice saying No to the things you cannot commit to or aren’t interested in doing. The more you flex your no-muscle, the more fiercely you can protect your time and energy, which we know are two of the most critical commodities of motherhood. The best part about setting boundaries? It takes practically no time at all and will reward you with more time and energy almost instantly.

Self-Care Tip #2: Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier

While this self-care tip may seem cliche or almost impossible, waking up thirty minutes earlier can help you create some more space for yourself in your day. Just be extra careful not to accidentally get sucked into cleaning up the kitchen or scrolling through your Instagram feed. Use that time to do some stretches, meditate, or maybe just take a shower and blow-dry your hair.

It’s incredible what a little alone time can do, even if you have to wake up earlier to make it happen. The extra effort is always worth it.

Self-Care Tip #3: Ask for Support

Speak up and voice when you need some extra help. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working full-time, raising children is challenging and requires support from outside sources. When you ask for help, make sure to be as direct as possible and try not to “suggest” that you need help. Seriously, ask for it and be clear on how someone can step in to support you.

Instead of saying, “I’d love to go get a massage, but the kids won’t pick themselves up from school.”

Say, “I’m going to schedule myself a massage on Tuesday afternoon. I’ll need you to pick up the kids from school that day so that I can get some much-needed time to myself.”

Self-Care Tip #4: Honor Your Emotions

Motherhood is filled with many emotions, especially in the early stages of postpartum. Give yourself some grace and work to honor your feelings as they come. The act of acknowledging thoughts and emotions is a powerful form of self-care and can leave you feeling more empowered to move forward in a way that respects you and what you’re experiencing.

When you continually neglect your emotions, feelings of resentment, burnout, and frustration can quickly begin to simmer and, eventually, boil over, leaving you feeling more unsupported and exhausted than ever before.

Self-Care Tip #5: Take Some Deep Breaths

And once you’ve done that, seriously, give yourself a hug (and a break!). You’re doing a truly incredible job. Even on the days when you have a million different “shoulds” floating around in your mind, and you replay all of the moments you wish you navigated differently.

Practicing self-compassion is a powerful - and sometimes uncomfortable - process that can continue to serve you as you move throughout motherhood. The more compassionate you are with yourself, the more powerfully you can show up as the loving mother you are - for both yourself and the little ones that depend on you.

Some Final Thoughts on Self-Care

Ultimately, how you choose to practice self-care is up to you and your unique needs. What’s important is that you create the moments throughout your day to honor yourself and care for your health and happiness. You are so worthy of self-care. Remember that, mama.


Carley Schweet is a self-care author and founder of Hello Postpartum. She’s passionate about redefining what self-care really means for mothers. Through her work, she hopes to inspire women to fill the gaps in their self-care practices with confidence and sustainability. She regularly shares her first-hand experiences with motherhood on her personal blog. Her work is featured on major media outlets such as FabFitFun, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, Hello Giggles, and Elite Daily. You can read more about her self-care work at

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