Fun Halloween-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Halloween is a week away and if you are anything like me, you love celebrating Halloween as much as you can!  I’m totally jealous of all you ladies who are ready to announce your pregnancies because there are so many cute ways you can incorporate the holiday into your announcement. Below are our favorite ideas that will be sure to “spook” your friends and family!

  1. Say it with a Shirt- There are so many fun ideas we saw that are so simple you can put them on a shirt! Some of our favorites are: “Don’t Eat the Seeds” with a photo of a pumpkin on the bump and Skeleton shirts that show a baby skeleton in mama’s tummy! Take this one a step further and get the dad-to-be a shirt that has his favorite food in his “skeleton” stomach! Hocus Pocus fan? We saw a super cute shirt that says “Winnie- I smell a child!” Or do you want to take the spooky up a notch? Attach plastic baby doll arms to a white tee on your bump to make it look like baby is already trying to escape!
  2. Say it with a Pumpkin- Not feeling photogenic for the big reveal? Say it with some cute props! A few fun ideas include: Carving a pumpkin with a heart and placing a baby pumpkin inside, display a “pumpkin family” to show the new addition to the family or simply carve a pumpkin with the word “baby”- be sure to note that you are “adding a new pumpkin to the patch!”
  3. Say it with a Costume- It’s Halloween so dress it up! Jessica Simpson dressed up like a mummy to announce her first pregnancy years ago and it was so cute! Another adorable idea we saw was dressing up as a jar of “Prego” Pasta Sauce! Want to let your spouse in on the costume fun as well? Let him dress up as a chef and you can be a “bun in the over” or you both could be Thing 1 and Thing 2 (like Dr. Seuss) with a Thing 3 on your belly! Want more pregnancy Halloween costume ideas? Check out our blog next week for our list of favorites!

Did you announce your pregnancy with a Halloween-Themed announcement?  We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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