Getting Out! Our Summertime Diaper Bag Checklist!

Summer is now officially in full swing and warmer temperatures means fun things like festivals, parades and picnics! New parents can sometimes be overwhelmed by the thought of trying to leave the home “bubble” where you have everything you need for baby but if you know the right things to pack, it should be like you never left home (almost)! Here is our checklist for packing the perfectly prepared diaper bag!

  1. Extras! Having a spare set of clothes (including socks), diapers (swim and regular), wet wipes, pacifiers, and bibs is crucial. Even one extra set of these things, excluding the diapers which you will need more of, will help you in a pinch regardless of where you are headed. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in an extra shirt for mom and because mom-brain is a real thing, an extra set of car keys and some cash doesn’t hurt either!
  2. Plastic grocery bags: These pack easily and are so helpful in an emergency. They can be used for dirty diapers, wet or soiled clothes, or anything that needs compartmentalized in a diaper bag. Throw 3-4 in the bag and I promise you will use them!
  3. Light blanket: Rolled up nice and tight, this takes up hardly any space at all but it can have many uses including a space for baby to stretch or play, a clean place to change a diaper, or even a nursing cover if needed in a pinch.
  4. Sun protection: Sunscreen and a hat for sun protection are a must for summer and baby’s vulnerable skin. Keeping these items in your bag means never being unprepared and risking a sunburnt baby!
  5. Snacks/beverages: No matter where we go and regardless of the last time we ate, my kids are always hungry and thirsty. Bottles, snacks, and water are always good to have no matter if you think baby will be hungry or not. Better to have them and not use them then desperately need them and not have them!

What are your diaper bag must-haves for Summer? Let us know in the comments!

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