Happy Birthday Baby! The Stork Bag's Favorite First Birthday Gift Ideas!

Cue the water works: my oldest turns 11 next month.  While I’m so grateful for a happy and healthy child, children growing up so fast is bittersweet and every birthday tugs at my heartstrings a little more than the one before.  Lately I have been reminiscing a lot about her first birthday and about how long ago it was, yet it feels like yesterday.  One of the things I loved most about her first birthday was the amount of memorable, non-toy related gifts, many of which I still hold dear to my heart with the hopes that one day they will be special to her as well. With that in mind, here is our list of our favorite first birthday gift ideas that won’t clutter your house and will hopefully leave a lasting memory.

  1. Memory Book- Create a photo book of memories, photos and stories from baby’s first year. My parents frequently make these for my children and my kids love looking at them all the time, no matter how old they get.
  2. Time Capsule- Similar to the memory book, put together a sealed package of memories and photos from baby’s first year to be opened on baby’s 18th Throw in clothes worn, toys played with, photos and anything that would be fun to look at in the future.  Something else fun to include would be letters from family members about hopes, dreams and wishes for baby in the future.
  3. Monetary Gift- This is a good one that all parents appreciate. There are several different options that include treasury bonds, college fund donations, a piggy bank with a cash donation or buy a single share of stock in baby’s name (A friend bought her nephew one share of Disney Stock and got a framed certificate to give him).  They won’t mean anything to baby now, but it will be appreciated in the future.
  4. Growth Chart- A personalized growth chart is such a fun and visual way to keep track of a child’s growth. Pick a personalized design and the entire family will enjoy checking out the progress as baby grows up.  And unlike making marks on a wall or door frame, a growth chart and its memories can be moved and relocated if needed.
  5. Personalized Trinket- Personalized gifts are always a wonderful gift to give someone, this includes young children. Boy or girl, there are so many memorable gifts that can be given: a super-soft blanket, a bracelet or locket, a compass or baseball bat, the list goes on.  Pick something that will hopefully stand the test of time (and baby getting older) and it will most likely always be special.

What are your favorite first birthday gift ideas?  Let us know in the comments below!

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