Let’s Go To School: A Mother’s Tale Of The Very First Day

The time has come – we finally decided that our three-year-old is ready to start daycare. He isn’t 100% potty trained yet, so we decided a daycare, with a preschool curriculum, would be our best option for now. We decided on two days/week to start and it has been very nerve wrecking! Our

little one has only been watched by family, during which I had full access to communicate with all day long.

We decided he would attend from 8:00am until 5:30pm and the plan is that I will drop him off before work and pick him up right after I finish. Luckily the school serves breakfast so all I have to do is get him dressed and then we are out the door! The first initial tour of the school went great, the staff was super friendly, we met his teacher and naturally he loved the playground and didn’t want to leave. Good sign, right?

As mom, I am totally freaking out and nervous. Will they be able to help him with potty time? Will he actually nap for them? We stopped napping 7 months ago! Will he eat the breakfast, lunch and snacks that they serve? Will my kid be that kid that misbehaves? Tons of fears, emotions and thoughts were running through my mind as we prepare for the first week and it
is only two days per week! Imagine if it was a full week! We have been fortunate to have family care for him up until now, but grandmas need a break too!

The school pretty much handles everything and only asks for baby wipes, two changes of clothes, a comfort item for nap time including a blanket, and a water bottle. The morning of his first day, I was so nervous! I watched my little guy fast asleep in his bed before I went to wake him up, admiring him and thinking of how the time has flown by so quickly. He was so excited to get up and get ready for school that he didn’t want to eat anything and let me know that he would eat at school- such a big boy already!

Upon arriving to the school, we walked in and he quickly remembered where his classroom was from when we took our first initial tour. He was introduced to his classmates, shown to his cubby and he quickly ran to play. I stayed around for a minute or so then asked him for a kiss and hug, basically begging him for one because he was too busy playing! I’ve been sitting around work all day waiting until 1pm to give them a call. I promised myself I wouldn’t be that mom and remember that he is in good hands.

Midday check- in went great and they told me he was doing fine! When I picked him up from school, I was so happy with the report of the day: he didn’t have any accidents, he surprisingly took a half hour nap and had a few tantrums but that was to be expected. However, he did not eat much and reported that he doesn’t like vegetables!!

Overall, it was a great first day! He is super excited for his next day and I’m feeling a little less guilty and nervous!!

Some Tips to help with this transition:
– Check out some library books beforehand about school
– Let your child pick out their clothing the night before and talk about school
– Make the goodbyes short and sweet
– Pack a snack for the car ride home in case they didn’t eat much at school
– Ask the teacher for tips/classroom routines to practice at home
– Don’t sweat it mom -your little one will be ok!!

What are you tips on how to help with first day of daycare/preschool transition? Let us know in the comments below!

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