Love Vs Discipline: Toddler Parenting

I noticed my daughter was becoming more difficult to deal with. It seemed like she was intentionally being naughty, and when I’d had enough of it, I told her to stay in the naughty corner.

The funny thing is, she apologizes immediately with tears and even hugs me and tells me she loves me afterwards…but then she gets right back to being naughty again. My hubby also noticed the trend so we talked about it and decided to do something different. Disciplining her was obviously not working, shouting (me basically screaming my head off all the time) was just wrong because she screamed right back and with an ATTITUDE! Kids! *Sigh*

When my hubby and I decided to do what we agreed on, there was a turn around immediately! Positive parenting for the win!

Obviously a lot had changed; with her brother now in the picture she has to share her mom and dad, not only that, but a new school term began with a new class, new teacher etc. Oh my, my Princess had a lot to deal with and she definitely needs my help, my attention, extra patience, more love and positive words.

So let me reveal the secret. It’s all about using praises to get your kid to do the right thing.

Every child loves to be praised, no child loves to be scolded. Praising your child more will make your child try harder at pleasing you.

While this method actually requires you to have extra patience…trust me the reward at the end is worth it.

So if you see your older kid throwing more tantrums than usual instead of giving more privileges or gifts and unnecessary attention or worse intensified discipline or shouting (like me). Do this; show more love by using praise to get them acting right and when they do right be sure to praise them more.

Also exercise patience with them when waiting for them to respond to your actions.


Finally, this method is also a way of training your kids to make the right decision at all times. xxx Deestylefairy

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