Made By Mom: 5 Reasons You Should Buy More Mom Products!

Okay, okay, so I’m a ‘mompreneur’ which probably clouds my judgement but, hear me out. In a world fueled by innovation and technology it has become “easier” to start businesses, and with websites like Etsy, Big Cartel and Shopify, it makes turning your passion into profit seamless. I could think of way more than 5 reasons you should buy more mom products but I’ve decided to state my case a bit more concisely with these top five reason:


  1. Moms make the best almost anything. Think back to when you were younger, mom would whip up a treat and it seemed simply enough but when you tried to recreate the same treat, it just wasn’t the same. Know why? Me neither but it’s true! Call it passionate creation or call it mental misperception either way, Moms make the best almost anything!
  2. Moms are innate creators. We create, that’s just what we do. Regardless of if you think you’re creative or not, I’m sure you can think back to a time when you “made it work”. Turned a “uh oh” into a “oh woah”.  Bottom line, moms know how to automatically tap into that creative mindset because, Moms are innate creators!
  3. Moms turn frowns upside down…cliche? Yep, but it’s true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ‘saved the day’ sometimes unknowingly. I believe moms really know how to make others happy. With product creation that’s what its all about, making your customers life a bit easier and bringing joy through products and services. Behind every mom-owned company & mom-created product there’s a mom or moms who’s responsible for turning those frowns upside down!
  4. Help a mother out! Many mom-owned companies were started from a dream. Many mompreneurs not only do the work of an entrepreneur but also do the work of a mother. Being a mom is a lot of work so imagine how it is being a mom and running a business! Help a mother out, do your research and find some of those mom-owned products that can replace some of the bigger box items you buy and shop mom!

  5. Moms like to serve. Service is key and most moms who create products and/or services truly enjoy serving their customers. Have you ever been to an establishment where the customer service was horrid? Me too, whenever I visit places like that I always think to myself, “wow that person really doesn’t want to be here”. The beauty of supporting mom-ran businesses is that they want to be there, they want to serve you and it shows through their products and customer service! I’m an avid online shopper and some of the best customer experiences I’ve had have come from mom-owned businesses, I’ve come to attribute that to the fact that, Moms like to serve. 

What are some of your favorite mom shops?


Happy shopping!

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