New Mom Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Our Top Picks For Spoiling Your Favorite New Mom This Holiday Season!

 The time for holiday gift giving is here and if you have any new moms on your list to buy for, this is the list for you!  Chances are the new baby is already getting lots of fun stuff, so this list is all about spoiling the new mom.  Buy one or all six, and enjoy pampering that new mom!


  1. Spa gift card: Get that new mom out of the house for a little indulging for herself. This is a great chance for her to take a quick break for a hair cut or spend a few hours getting a massage and pedicure.  This gift is as much about the pampering as it is about the alone time.
  2. Personalized jewelry: This is a more sentimental gift for a new mom and the options are endless for what kind of piece you get. When I had my first, my best friend got me a necklace with my birthstone and my daughter’s birthstone and it’s something I still treasure to this day.  Find out what kind of pieces she prefers and enjoy creating something unique that will sure to be cherished.
  3. Clothing gift card: I know, a gift card again? But hear me out on this one. Clothes are tough after baby…maternity stuff is too big, and your old stuff just doesn’t fit quite right yet.  And everything that somewhat fits is covered in spit up.  Get her a gift card for her favorite place to shop so she can treat herself to some new pieces and even better, offer to hang out with the baby so she can go alone.
  4. “Mommy Juice”: No one possibly needs a drink more than a new mom who hasn’t had a drink in nine months. If your new mom enjoys a cocktail or two, get her a nice bottle of her favorite spirit or a case of her favorite wine.  She can crack it open whenever she is ready, and it will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Maid for hire: Help her out with the house work and hire a cleaning company to come over and clean for a few hours.  Whether she needs help with a deep cleaning on the bathrooms or a general “sprucing up” of the entire house, this gift will allow her to spend less time cleaning (or stressing about cleaning) and more time with baby.
  6. The Stork Bag PostBump Bag: We obviously saved the best for last. Nothing makes a new mom feel better than getting one of our fantastic PostBump bags in the mail.  It can be customized for breast or bottle feeding and is full of things for her to enjoy during her post-pregnancy journey. The best part, the bag is reusable so once she is done using the goodies, she can use the bag for whatever!  Check out this bag by clicking here.

What is your favorite holiday gift idea for a new mom? Let us know in the comments below!

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