Now What?! What To Do About Your Babies “R” Us Registry

Babies “R” Us closing down means that hundreds of thousands of expectant moms are going to lose their baby registries—and you may even be one of them! Sure, there are tons of other places to create a new baby registry, but you’ve already spent so much time building your Babies “R” Us registry, who wants to go through the trouble all over again? Not you, you have a baby on the way! understands this problem. That’s why they have a dedicated customer service team ready to help anyone who wants to switch over their baby registry to a account. As a universal gift registry service, they’ll be able to find your exact products at other stores, possibly at better prices! Manufacturers such as Graco are even working with to be able to offer their registrants products and colors that were once exclusive to Babies “R” Us.

Even better, once your Babies “R” Us registry is imported, you’ll also get to take advantage of all the added benefits that come with a account. If you still have stuff you’d like to add to your gift list, their browser button allows you to add gifts to your baby registry from literally any store in the world. Plus, if you have additional registries at other stores, you can sync or link those to your account as well and manage them all in one place. This site is a total lifesaver!

You know we always have a backup plan for you! -The Stork Bag Team-

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