Nursery Trends For 2019

Attention pregnant moms – let’s talk about nursery décor! It’s a new year which means it’s time for a new set of nursery trends to take over!  We researched and browsed through the internet and Pinterest to find the trends for this year and below is our list of the top trends we saw.  We are so excited to see these trends used this year! Happy decorating!

  1. Bohemian- This is a trend that isn’t going anywhere and is a solid way to pull together many of the trends on this list. By using some houseplants, a fun wall hanging and some velvet floor pillows you can pull together a cool Boho look. If Boho is a little too busy for you, it’s suggested that you can add a “modern twist” to it by adding classic and simple pieces to create a more balanced look. Rattan is also a very popular trend that couples nicely with this look.
  2. Black and White: This color scheme is going to be very popular for nursery décor this year. A new trend is gender neutral nurseries and minimalist rooms so a black and white theme goes along perfect for those as well. Try using a geometric or zebra print to give the room a fun pop.
  3. Bold Wallpaper- This trend will really be heating up this year! Using wallpaper in the entire room or just a single wall can really transform the look of the room by going above a simple paint color. Some fun wallpaper trends to try this year that are popular are plaid, big florals and camo.
  4. Jewel Tones- If the black and white trend has you feeling like you need more, look no further than the jewel tone trend that is gaining popularity. Moody tones like sage green, mustard and plum will give the nursery a cozy and inviting look without being overtly dark. We are loving this trend for a statement wall, crib and/or furniture color.
  5. Rustic/Rough- This is one of trends that keeps popping up and in 2019 we are going to continue seeing the outdoors being brought in. Wood textures are already popular for gender neutral nurseries and trending themes like forest and farmhouse décor go along perfect with different natural fibers and warm color tones like mentioned above.


What trend are you most looking forward to in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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