Nursery Trends for 2020

Attention pregnant moms - let’s talk about nursery décor! It’s a new year which means it’s time for a new set of nursery trends to take over!  We researched and browsed through the internet and Pinterest to find the trends for this year and below is our list of the top trends we saw.  We are so excited to see these trends used this year! Happy decorating!

  1. Gender Neutral – This seems to be one of the more popular trends we are seeing for the new year. Many parents-to-be are wanting to create spaces that work for all genders and incorporate neutral colors and textures. Natural woods and wicker are popular with this trend, almost bordering on a bohemian look.  Geometric patterns also work well with this theme.
  2. Rainbow – The 80’s are back for teenage girls (have you seen all the scrunchies?!) and this rainbow theme is giving us the same 80’s feels! We love this trend when paired with a blank canvas such as white or dark gray and accessorize with all things rainbow! Choose bright shades for books and bookshelves, lamp shades and art to give the space a playful feel.
  3. Tropical/Botanical – The farm/rustic themes are out for now and have been replaced with tropical/botanical vibes! We love the incorporation of over-sized tropical and floral prints and natural-material furniture, as well as the use of jungle animals in décor and accessories to give it a lighthearted touch!
  4. Nature- This trend from years past isn’t over yet. This is one of trends that keeps popping up and in 2020 we are going to continue seeing the outdoors being brought in. Green is already a popular color choice for gender neutral nurseries and there are going to be many tropical and floral themes that go along perfect with many different shades of green. Moss wall art is also a very cool way to introduce a low maintenance live plant into any space.
  5. Dark Colors- This is the trend that probably surprised us the most because we all hear that dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller, right? Well dark colors, such as dark hues of gray and blue, also have a very calming effect and can help you emphasize desired focal pieces in the space. Gold accents are also continuing to trend this year, and this would be a great combination to make any nursery space stand out.

What trend are you most looking forward to in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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