Potty Training: A True Tale Of The Bad, The Worse And The Final Relief!

We all go through it, we all dread it. We all hear the “Oh, he/she is still in diapers?” or “Oh, he/she is already potty trained? Isn’t that a little young?” As a mom this is something I seriously struggled with. Everyone had an opinion about my child and whether or not he was potty trained. Some said give him his time and don’t force it, (totally true) and some said he is lazy and just get it over with.

The truth is, each child is different, and the same method doesn’t work for every kid.

I tried to potty train twice before it was finally a success. We did everything: the reward chart, stickers, candy, prizes, etc. and in the end, it all came down to my kiddo being ready. It was not until after his 3rd birthday that we tried to potty train again. I started as I usually did, except this time I ditched the pull ups, with the exception of nighttime, and went straight to underwear.  I promise you don’t have to be home bound during these days, but you WILL have to take potty breaks every 30 minutes, so the choice is yours. We decided to stay in the first 3 days and so it began- we went potty every 30 minutes. Prizes, rewards, etc. were always offered after using the potty and I highly recommend celebrating the huge accomplishment each time they go and sharing proudly in front of your “big kid” with as many people as you can!

A few important tips: I would recommend limiting their liquid intake during potty training. Also, once we were officially potty trained, we did pull ups at night and would wake up once a night for a potty break. Potty routine then went from every half hour to every hour and so on until my little guy was aware of when he needed to use the potty. I also highly recommend having cleaning supplies on hand in the bathroom at all times, as well as always having spare underwear and clothing when on the go!

Potty training for #2 was a whole different ball game and I found myself literally crying over poop. It was one of the toughest challenges I faced as a mom. My little guy, who would poop daily, started refusing to poop which lead constipation and fear of pooping entirely. He refused to poop on the potty or even in a diaper and he was so afraid that he convinced himself he didn’t need to poop, EVER! This resulted in the worst 3 weeks of my life. For this issue, my suggestions are to consult with your doctor, feed your kiddo tons of fiber, keep them hydrated and be as encouraging as you can. As previously mentioned, each kiddo is different.  I just kept enforcing that pooping was not scary, that poop went in the potty and may have remixed Let it go from Frozen to Let that poop go.

All in all, just remember mamas, don’t force your kiddo to potty train, regardless of what anyone says about the subject. Your child will let you know when they are ready and forcing them into it will just make it hard on you and even harder on your kid. Find out what works for you and stick with it.

Good luck! Your wallet and nose will thank you for saying Adios to diapers!

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