Registering For Baby: The Top Five Favorite Items According To Moms Like You!

My sister in law, who is due with her first child later this summer, recently came to me overwhelmed.   She needed to register for baby “stuff” and as a first-time parent, was full of questions regarding the list of items she was told she needed to have. Let’s be honest, it’s really hard to figure out if you need something without ever having used it before or on some items, not even knowing what it is. With the help of myself and a few friends, my sister in law was able to figure out her list but it had me wondering, what do other moms love? Obviously, what works for some mamas doesn’t work for others but we asked anyway and below are the top five favorite baby items, as told by our tribe of mamas!

  1. Rock N Play: This was the overwhelming winner. Moms love this because it’s great for sleep or play and babies really seem to love the gentle vibrations.
  2. Infant swing: A close second, this is a variation on the Rock N Play. Moms love this because of its ability to rock side to side, as well as front to back. This was a big time favorite of my babies as well.
  3. Bobby Pillow: Another favorite in our house, the pillow has so many versatile uses: feeding, sitting, corralling, etc. Per our mamas, having an extra cover or two is very helpful!
  4. Burp Cloths: While it’s not higher on our list, these are so critical and mess saving for most mamas. Most (if not all) babies burp and spit up and these can be used anywhere, anytime. Advice from our moms: cloth diapers can double as burp cloths and whatever number of burp cloths you think you need, double it!
  5. Nasal Aspirator: A snotty baby is a sad baby for sure! There are a few different versions of this but they all accomplish the same goal. Having a useful tool like this is so helpful with little ones that it managed to make the top five with our moms!

Other items that didn’t make out top five but still got lots of votes: baby carrier or sling, swaddling blankets/receiving blankets, and the diaper caddy! What are your “must have” baby items? Comment below!

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