Six Ways To Commemorate Your Pregnancy During This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is over, and the holiday season is barreling towards us at full speed!  The holidays are a great time to be pregnant, but it can also feel very emotional and overwhelming.  It’s your last holiday season before baby arrives and you are fighting the urge between celebrating as much as you can and taking a big, old nap.  While it’s so important to enjoy this time before baby, it’s also a fun time of year to commemorate you and your pregnancy.  Check out our list below of fun ways to celebrate both you and baby this holiday season.

  1. Bellie Casting Kit- Do you love a good craft project? We have just the thing! Remember your pregnancy and specifically your baby bump with The Stork Bag’s Bellie Casting Kit. After you finish the cast, you can decorate it as festive as you like and save to decorate during the holidays every year!
  2. Holiday Maternity Shoot- What a beautiful time of year for a photo shoot! Get all bundled up and hit the snow for a maternity photo session! No snow where you live? No problem! Create a cozy holiday setup inside and shoot away!  This will be a great way to remember your pregnancy during the holidays and will technically be baby’s first holiday photo!
  3. Start A New Tradition – Why wait until baby arrives to start your family holiday traditions? Celebrate by starting a new tradition that you can continue once baby arrives. Some fun ideas include buying an annual holiday ornament, wearing matching holiday pajamas or starting a new photo tradition. This will make you feel like a family with a fun tradition you can carry on year after year.
  4. Holiday-Themed Pregnancy Announcement- If you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet and the time is coming, this is a great time of year to share the joy you are experiencing! There are so many fun holiday pregnancy announcement ideas- everything from “We’ve been Naughty” to wrapping lights around your belly- so many cute ideas for sharing!
  5. Pregnancy Themed Gift Ideas- Add some fun pregnancy gifts to your holiday list this year! We are partial, but our Limited-Edition Holiday Stork Bag is a great way to celebrate your pregnancy during the holiday season! Other fun ideas include funny holiday pregnancy shirts or personalized jewelry with you and baby’s birthstone!
  6. Holiday Letter to Baby- Do you have a holiday wish you want share with baby? Holiday wishes for the future? Or do you just simply want to document this holiday season and all the happenings that have happened while baby was snuggled away in your belly? Write a letter to baby and tuck it away for the future- for you to read, for him/her to read or both. This is such a nostalgic time of year and there will be so many memories that you will not soon want to forget.


Did you do something fun to commemorate your pregnancy during the holiday season? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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