Surviving Summer: Our Six Tips For Beating The Summer Heat During Pregnancy!

Summer is officially here! I will never forget the summer I was pregnant with my daughter. She was due in August (and ultimately five days late) and I was working full time. It was a warmer than average summer and I felt like I was going to melt every time I went outside. My sister in law, who is also due with her first child this August, recently asked for some tips for surviving the summer when you are pregnant and here are my top six favorites that I shared:

1. Stay Hydrated! You always need to drink more water when pregnant but it is even more important to up the water intake on those scorching summer days. Keeping hydrated will help you feel better and stay healthy while battling the heat.

2. Find ways to cool off when you can- I used to take a cool shower in the morning and in the evening before bed the summer I was pregnant. Just a quick rinse in cool water helped to lower by temperature. Swimming pools are obviously a fantastic way to keep cool but simply seeking shade when you are outdoors is an effortless way to lower your temperature.

3. Accessorize! I used to freeze wet wash cloths to lay on my forehead when I was feeling overheated. Bring a misting spray bottle with ice water when running errands or outdoors to cool yourself off and don’t feel bad about bringing extra fans around to work; a little desk fan can feel like heaven in July and August!

4. Keep your feet up! The summer swell is inevitable for many pregnant mamas, myself included. Getting those feet up and elevated as often as you can will help with the swelling heat can bring. For working moms, bring a foot stool or even a box to place under your desk to prop them up as much as you can!

5. Dress for the heat- This means dressing for comfort! Thanks to my swelling feet, I wore flip flops to work every day towards the end of my pregnancy because it was the only thing I could wear. Try to avoid shoes that are too tight and stick with light colored clothing that is comfortable and loose, flowing dresses and skirts were my go-to!

6. Avoid hot parts of the day/unnecessary errands in the heat- Try and run your errands in the morning when the heat of the day hasn’t kicked in or avoid those errands all together if you can. Online shopping is perfect for avoiding the heat and keeping your feet up. And don’t forget to shop for fun pregnancy stuff on The Stork Bag’s website and you won’t even have to leave the house!

What are your tips for staying cool? Let us know in the comments!

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