The Holidays Are Here: How To Declutter To Drive Out Unwanted Guests

 Don’t Risk Your Family’s Safety – How To De-Clutter To Drive Out Mice

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Decluttering your home is vital to keep mice out. It’s an essential part in mouse proofing your home against a rodent infestation. A tidy home may still become infested, but having a lot of clutter provides hiding places and shelter for mice – something they will love.

The reason that de-cluttering drives mice out of your home is because mice will use that clutter to make nests. If they have no materials to use, they won’t want to come into your home. Mice will love nothing more than to hide in the cracks and crevices that clutter provides for them.





Having a mouse control problem in your home can be very stressful, and it’s more common in built up cities and urban centres. I think all of us have got a room that needs to be decluttered. So if mice do decide to infest, you’re prepared and aren’t giving them the materials and shelter they are looking for.

If you don’t know where to start decluttering your home, we’ve got some great tips here from London extermination experts Empire Pest Control on where to start.

  • Work through your home room by room. Only try and tackle one area at a time, instead of taking on the whole house at once. Maybe finally tidy up that corner you’ve always been meaning to, or clear out the clutter from under the bed.
  • Clear as much floor space as possible. The more floor is visible, the less clutter there is and the less places mice have somewhere to hide.
  • Tidy up piles of clutter that accumulate in the corners, under the bed and behind furniture. This includes clothing, which mice can use to make a nest out of.
  • Empty your bins regularly into a tightly sealed bin outside. You don’t want to leave any waste lying around for a mouse to find a good food source in. And you also want to clean up any crumbs or spillages too.

Remember that the clearer a room is, the more effective any pest control treatments will be if you have a pest infestation. Having a cluttered room makes pest control more complicated, with technicians struggling to place traps to get rid of your mouse problem.


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