The Stork Bag’s Easy Steps to Achieve Organization Success

The official start to Spring was almost 3 weeks ago, time to get that spring cleaning underway. And let’s be honest, what else do we have to do right now staying home?!  Only, I don’t dread it as much as I used to because now it’s always a good opportunity to dust off the winter blues and welcome warmer temperatures with your best foot (and cleanest house) forward.  I love to organize but hate to clean so I tend to focus on the organizing more and the clean usually takes care of itself through decluttering and discarding.  But let’s face it, tackling organization, whether it be a closet, cabinet or entire room, can be a daunting task and in my experience, people can get very overwhelmed.  To help avoid this common pitfall, I have outlined my 5-step process to help keep you on track, keep you focused and get the job done. Happy Spring Cleaning!

  1. Take it All Out-Take everything out of the space, even the things you know you are going to keep. It’s hard to envision how you want a space to look when there is stuff still inside of it.  Emptying everything out will also give you a mental inventory of everything that you have.
  2. Purge-This is the hardest step for everyone. Getting rid of items you don’t want or no longer have a use for can be hard if the item has any kind of sentimental value. With that being said, my rule of thumb is if it’s expired, broken, or you haven’t needed to use it in the last year-put it aside.  After you have your pile of these items, take a second look.  If there is something you truly can’t live without, hold on to it.  Everything else can be donated or discarded.
  3. Sort/Categorize-Once everything is out, take the time to sort like items. These like items can be categorized however is easiest and most functional for you. Does baby shampoo go with baby stuff or personal hygiene items? Think about trying to find an item-where will you go first to look for it? Sorting into categories will help with both your short and long term organizational goals.  This also gives you a great chance to take things from one space that might be better suited for another space in your house.
  4. Prioritize-Let’s say you are working on a linen closet. What things will you use the most? Things that you will need to access everyday or more often should be placed in the easiest to access space.  Other things, like winter blankets or guest towels, that aren’t used as often, should go in spots that are harder to access.  The point of doing this is to make it easy to maintain the organization by keeping the spaces easy to use and easy to keep up.
  5. Utilize all your Space-Time to put everything back in! With your organization plan, make sure to take advantage of all the space, not just what’s available on the shelf. If shelves are able to be moved, move them to fit your needs. If you need clear bins or risers to add more space, use them- vertical space will be wasted space so find clever ways to make it work for you.


What is your process for organizing?  Let us know in the comments below!

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