The Stork Bag’s Fall Fun Bucket List For All Ages!

 Fall is officially here!  With temperatures cooling down and the leaves changing to brilliant hues, it’s the perfect time to have some major family fun.  If fall activities are a must do in your house too, grab a sweater and a pumpkin spice latte and fill the month of October with some of our favorites!

  1. Decorate for Fall/Halloween: My kids have been asking to decorate our house for Halloween since school started a month and a half ago. It’s such a fun thing to do as a family and really puts everyone in the fall spirit!
  2. Fall Clean-up: Who doesn’t love jumping into a huge pile of leaves?  Have the whole family help with leaf clean-up and watch the kids happily destroy piles as fast as you can rake them! For some added fun: use the leaves and some old clothes to make a stuffed scarecrow to prop up as part your fall decor!
  3. Use what Autumn is giving you: There is more fun to be had with the leaves falling from the trees! My kids love collecting different ones and making leaf rubbings (use a flat crayon to rub over a leaf with a piece of paper between the leaf and crayon) and decorating the house with them.  Acorn hunting is also a favorite activity outdoors during this time of year!
  4. Pumpkin patch visit: This is probably the hands down favorite. Find a pumpkin farm that also offers things like hayrides, corn mazes and apple cider!  Stay for the fall fun and leave with pumpkins ready to carve at home!
  5. Apple-picking: This is a fun one, especially for the fruit lovers in your family! Find a local apple orchard and take everyone out for a fun day of picking apples. The older kids will have fun finding the perfect fruit and the younger ones will enjoy all the free samples! And doesn’t everyone love apple pie?

What is your favorite fall activity to do with your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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