The Stork Bag’s Favorite Non-Toy Gift Giving Ideas!

 During the summer, we did a blog post about getting organized and one of the way we suggested doing that was to decrease the amount of “stuff” that comes in by giving suggestions other than toys for gifts for the family.  And with the holidays quickly approaching, I can feel the anxiety starting to build when I think of trying to jam more stuff into our already overloaded home.  So below are some of the suggestions that I will be using when friends and family start requesting about what is on our holiday wish list!

  1. Membership to museum or zoo: This is such a great gift idea that gives all year long. Pick a place your frequent a lot or a place you would like to go to more but just don’t have the funds to do so and suggest a membership gift to that place.   This is a gift the entire family can enjoy!
  2. Movie gift cards: Let’s face it, going to the movies these days can really add up!  Ask for movie gift cards for the kids and/or family and use them throughout the year to enjoy a fun movie night without the cost!
  3. Ticket to concerts or events: Big surprise, my daughter loves Taylor Swift, so this is a great gift idea I’m personally taking advantage of this year! I’m wrapping up some concert tickets for the upcoming year with a note that she can pick the concert t-shirt of her choice when the time comes! It’s a fun gift for her and gives her something to look forward to for months!
  4. Subscription for magazines: You know The Stork Bag loves subscriptions!! My mother-in-law always gets my kids a magazine subscription of their choosing for Christmas and my kids love getting them every month.  Save the ones they like and recycle the rest!
  5. Family Vacation: What’s better than a trip together as a family to create lasting memories? It can be as small as a weekend trip skiing or visiting an indoor water pack or as big as a full week at Disney or a family cruise. Either way, like a few of the other gifts, it can be something the kids can really look forward to and allowing them to get involved in the planning process will really make it an exciting gift for the kids!

What are your favorite non-toy gifts to give at holiday time? Let us know in the comments below!

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