The Stork Bag’s Favorite Pregnancy Apps

If you read the title of this blog post and thought I was going to list a bunch of different and delicious appetizers, you are definitely pregnant!  And although we don’t have that list right now, we do have a list of a different kind of apps- the informative kind that your can download to your phone, with all kinds of pregnancy fun at the touch of a button!  This article is completely unsponsored and in no particular order, just highlighting some of our favorites!  Check out our list below! ($$ indicates an app costs more than $10, $ indicated an app cost is less than $10)

1. What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker ($$) – Raise your hand if you have gotten pregnant and haven’t cracked a copy of What to Expect?  I don’t assume many of you have raised your hand, which is why this app is at the top of our list.  Not only is this app an extension of this amazing book but can tell you how far along your pregnancy is, down to the hour, based on information provided!

2. Wed MD Pregnancy App ($) – This app is OBGYN recommended because out of all the pregnancy apps out there, this one boasts the most reliable medical info. This app also allows you to make checklists of all kinds and track pertinent medical info, all of which can be shared with your OB.

3. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown ($) – Not only does this app allow you to ask real-time questions and get real-time answers from The Bump’s staff, experts and a team of moms but also offers helpful insight on baby products, which can help with your baby registry when the time comes!

4. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker ($) – This app is great for the mom-to-be that wants to stay informed.  It offers informative articles that are applicable to exactly the point that you are at in your pregnancy but also offers a way to look up which foods and medication are safe during your pregnancy.  If you want to stay informed, this is the app for you!

5. Baby Center Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App ($) – Not only is this app medically accurate during your pregnancy but it automatically switches to a parenting guide after you have your baby.  This will be especially helpful as you navigate those first few weeks with a newborn!

6. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker ($) – While this app doesn’t focus on the medical aspect as much as some of the previously mentioned apps, it does focus on keeping it real and keeping it relaxed. With its funny illustrations and relatable tips for the mom-to-be, this one is a fun pick for the preggo that is looking for something a little more entertaining!

Some other apps that we like: Sprout Pregnancy, Glow Nature Pregnancy App, Pregnancy + and Mind the Bump.  What is/was your favorite pregnancy app? Let us know in the comments below!

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