The Stork Bag’s Favorite Teacher Gift Ideas

The holiday season brings with it so much joy and happiness, but it also brings its fair share of challenges and one that I personally face every year is what to gift to my kids’ teachers.  I feel extra pressure because both of my parents are teachers and I know first hand how hard they work and how much time, money and effort they put into the classroom and in turn, my children. And after an especially difficult year for teachers, we want to really show our appreciation!  So, after a couple years of guessing, this year I decided to talk to the teachers I know, including my parents, to come up with a list of great gifts that teachers will enjoy and appreciate! Below are the top picks- happy shopping!

  1. Gift Cards– This is the overwhelming favorite! Restaurants, Target, office supply or just a simple MC/Visa gift card is always appreciated! My mom especially said it’s nice to get gift cards to places where she can shop for herself if she wants or the classroom if she needs supplies. Another great suggestion- organize as a class and chip in to get a large gift card from everyone!
  2. Personalized or Monogrammed Gifts– These are also a favorite as well among the teachers I spoke with- anything from pencils, stationary, tote bags, etc. This is a great gift because it’s useful but also has a personal touch. My son’s teacher, for example, loves Pete the Cat books so I’m having a monogrammed Pete the Cat pillow made for her reading corner.
  3. Potted Plants– This is a nice way to show your appreciation and add a little greenery to the classroom. Gifting a nice potted plant (although best to avoid using a vase) is a great gift that will brighten up the classroom and last for a good amount of time, depending on the type of plant.
  4. Classroom Supplies– I know, this seems like a boring gift, but teachers pump so much of their own resources into things they need for the classroom that it would be so nice to have extra supplies, so they don’t have to spend as much of their own money. Books and games are also very helpful for the younger age classes. A tip- check out the class supply list from the beginning of the year and use that as a guide for things they might need. Pair some supplies with a nice bottle of wine and it’s a perfect gift!
  5. Gifts from the Heart– Totally cheesy, right? I heard from many of the teachers that gifts/cards that students made or created for them themselves are very appreciated and cherished. My mom has a Christmas ornament a student made at least a decade ago that she still puts up on the tree. Another gift from the heart is the gift of time.  Parents- offer your time as a gift by volunteering to help in the classroom- to most teachers this gift is priceless!

What is your favorite teacher gift suggestion? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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