The Stork Bag’s Most Favorite Push Present Ideas

It’s time to talk about push presents and how crazy popular they have become in recent years thanks to social media and celebrity trends.  And why shouldn’t they be popular? As a pregnant woman, you have single-handedly, at a minimum, grown an entire human over the course of nine very long and very restricted months. We believe it’s a perfect time to be spoiled after a job well-done so check out our list below of our favorite push presents for new moms!

  1. Stork Bag Post Bump Bag- We are starting strong with this list. Take the guess work out of the postpartum gift and order our amazing customizable PostBump Bag, stocked full of goodies for mom to both recover and relax with after baby has arrived!
  2. Jewelry- This is also a pretty solid gift to give, and one of the most traditional. No matter your budget, you can spoil the new mom in your life with the gift of jewelry, whether it be a nice watch, a charm with the baby’s birthstone for a necklace or bracelet or a nice upgrade on any diamond she might own. 😊
  3. Photo Shoot- Organize and/or plan a photo shoot for the new mom! This can be either just mom and baby, just baby, or the entire family- whatever mom wants! This is a nice way to commemorate this special moment and mom will appreciate not having to handle the details!
  4. Spa Treatment- This is a fabulous way to treat any new mom! Get her a gift certificate to a local spa where she can bliss out for hours or simply get away for a haircut and/or massage. If you think she might be the kind who isn’t quite ready to leave the house without baby just yet, treat her to a spa day at home with gifts of her favorite body products along with a new, plush robe and an aromatherapy diffuser!
  5. Camera- I know, we all have cameras at our fingertips thanks to cellphones. But why not give a fun gift like a Polaroid/Instant Camera so mom can document and have keepsakes during those first few weeks without the added stress of getting them off her phone? It’s definitely a fun and easy way to make memories that any new mom would love!
  6. New Bag- What mom doesn’t enjoy the gift of a new bag? Treat her to a bag that can be both a diaper bag and purse and she will both appreciate the thought and the attention to detail. Who says that just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you still can’t be stylish?

Did you get a favorite push present that isn’t included in our list? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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