The Stork Bag’s Parent-Hacks For Surviving The Sick Season

We are heading into mid-November which means, besides the holidays being just around the corner, we are heading into most parents least favorite time of the year. The germs are rampant and it’s all but guaranteed that your child will at some point come down with a bug.  No parent likes to see their child sick and us moms here at The Stork Bag thought it would be a good idea to share some of our best tips, tricks and hacks for surviving the upcoming sick season.  Good luck to you all and if nothing else, enjoy the extra snuggles and try not to get too sick yourself.  Note: Always consult a physician when your child is sick, we are not medical professionals and nothing we suggest here trumps what a doctor has advised.

Our Favorite Cold Hacks:

  1. Stock up on a good decongestant. Our favorite is Hyland’s Baby Mucus + Cold Relief. Not only is this natural and homeopathic product safe for babies to use (6 months and older) but it’s a great way to help with sneezing, runny nose and all that extra mucus.
  2. One of our moms swears by using a humidifier or diffuser during the night. This can help to keep those airways open for a more restful night of sleep.
  3. Staying Hydrated! This is obviously a no-brainer when your kid is sick but one of our moms feels that warm drinks with honey and lemon really help to sooth sore throats and those pesky coughs. Another option- warm orange juice also helps! Use your best judgement on beverage temperature for your child.


Our Favorite Flu Hacks:

  1. Get a flu shot- We know this can be a controversial topic, but did you know that 80% of people that die from flu-related complications did NOT get the flu shot? We are the first to admit that the flu shot isn’t perfect but it’s the only line of defense we have at this point. If your baby isn’t old enough to get a flu shot, parents or anyone who is around baby should get the shot so baby is better protected.
  2. Invest in a No-Touch Thermometer- These things are amazing. Not only are they quiet so you won’t wake a sleeping child to take a temperature, but they are also safe for all ages and hygienic. Just a roll on the forehead- this make staying on top of fevers that much easier.
  3. Towels Everywhere- This is my go-to, I swear the minute one of my kids starts to complain about a stomachache, I’m laying towels wherever they are, including carpets, furniture and beds. I even drag all the extra stuffed animals off beds and put them in a closet for safe keeping. It’s much easier to pick up a towel and throw in the wash at 3 a.m. then it is to scrub carpet. Towels!!


Our Favorite Croup Hacks:

  1. Keep your little one’s room cold. Yes, I said it, cold. Run a cool mist humidifier all day, every day until your little one is better. Our physician recommended bundling our kiddo up at night and leaving the fan and window open, as well as propping up their head.
  2. Brace yourself, the oral medications prescribed are DISGUSTING! My little guy completely threw up all over our carpet after the first dose. Pace it, give small quantities at a time, and do not mix it with anything because it will NOT mask the taste. I would give 1ml at a time and then allow him to drink some almond milk and a bite of an Oreo cookie after each ml given. I stayed away from regular milk because we were told to avoid it.
  3. If your little one wakes up in a coughing fit, put on their jacket and take them outside, (specifically if it is 55 degrees or less out). The cold air will help them breath better.


Our number one hack is to trust your gut.  If something feels off, take them in to the doctor.  And always remember, your best offense during the sick season is prevention!!  What is your favorite mom-hack during the cold/flu season? We would love to hear about your tips/tricks in the comments below!

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