The Stork Bag’s Top 20 Spring-Inspired Baby Names

Spring officially starts tomorrow!!  Spring means warmer weather, new green growth and for all of you pregnant mamas who are due soon, a Spring baby!  And for all of you who are still trying to figure out a perfect name for you new bundle of joy, we have created a list of our favorite baby names for both genders that are inspired by this new season!  We understand how hard it is to pick just the right name, so we are hoping our list and the new season gives some extra inspiration! Enjoy!

Ladies First:

1. Chloe- “Green Shoot” in Greek

2. Dawn- English meaning is “new beginning”

3. April- Our favorite month in the springtime.

4. Florence- Latin for “blooming”

5. Iris- Obviously after the flower, but also means “Rainbow” in Greek.

6. Aurora- Not just a Disney princess, also Roman for “the goddess of Dawn”

7. Birdie- A sweet tribute to the jubilant birds of spring

8. Lily- This popular flower name is also a symbol of purity and beauty.

9. Mae- French for “Goddess of Spring Growth

10. Violet- This pretty lilac flower is such a sweet girls name

Gentleman Next:

1. Denver – English meaning is “Green Valley”

2. Leif- The Scandinavian spelling of the word ‘leaf’ makes for a great name

3. Neo- from the Greek word “New”

4. Xavier- Arabic for “bright/shining”

5. Maxwell- Scottish origins meaning “Magnus Spring”

6. Weldon- English meaning is “Hill near a Spring”

7. Attwell/Wells – “lives by a spring”- This and six are more literal but still great

8. Robin – One of our favorite songbirds

9. Aviv- Hebrew for “Spring”

10. Pascal- Latin for “relating to Easter”

What are your favorite “Spring” inspired baby names? Let us know in the comments below!

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