The Stork Bag’s Top Ten Old Wives Tales to Predict Gender

Thanks to modern technology, finding out the gender of your baby is as easy as a simple blood test or ultrasound and this happens well before the birth of your baby, if you choose to find out the gender.  But finding out the gender of your baby hasn’t always been an option so along the course of history, fun little tests have been used to try and predict whether it’s a boy or girl. Check out our list below of some of our favorite methods used but remember, none of these are scientifically proven to actually work.  Have a little fun trying to see if your symptoms match up correctly and know that you have a 50/50 shot of being correct in your guess!

  1. High or Low Baby Bump: Are you carrying high or low? According to this test, if you are carrying high you are having a girl and if you are carrying low then you are having a boy.
  2. Pregnancy Cravings: Your food cravings during your pregnancy can supposedly predict the gender. Are you craving sweet and/or citrus? That means you are having a girl. If you are craving salty or more protein, it’s suggested a boy is on the way!
  3. Baby Heart Rate: What is the baby’s heart rate? These tests predict that a heart rate higher than 140 predicts a girl and lower predicts a boy.
  4. Ring Test: This test is a fun one to do for sure. Tie a ring to a string and hang it over your baby bump and if the ring swings in a circular motion, that means you are having a girl. If the ring swings side to side, it’s a boy!
  5. Morning Sickness: This test predicts that if you have extreme nausea, a girl is on the way. If you aren’t suffering from morning sickness or it’s at the least mild, it’s a boy.
  6. Pregnancy Glow: It’s predicted that because of all the extra female hormones floating around your body, you might suffer from adult acne and/or not experience as much “pregnancy glow” if you are expecting a girl. If your glow is at an all-time glow, you might have a little man in there!
  7. Moody or Mild: Similar to the hormonal reasons above, it’s predicted that if you are feeling a little moodier during your pregnancy, you are having a girl. If you are feeling pretty chill for the most part, it’s most likely a boy.
  8. Chinese Gender Chart: Have you heard of the Chinese Gender Chart? On this chart, you chart the age you were when baby was conceived and the month baby was conceived, and it will predict what the gender will be. Side note: while researching for this article, I did it for both my children and it was 50% accurate 😊
  9. Baby Weight: It’s predicted that if you are carrying all in the front, i.e. like there is a basketball under your shirt, you are most likely having a boy. If your weight if disturbed evenly all round, it’s predicted it will be a girl.
  10. Hands/Feet Barometer: It’s predicted that if your hands are soft and/or your feet are warm, you are having a baby girl. If your hands are dry and/or your feet are cold, it’s a boy on the way!

Did you have any success with predicting gender with an Old Wives Tale? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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