The Stork Bag’s Top Ten Things About Being Pregnant!

Let’s face it, pregnancy is tough.  The mood swings, the nausea, the swelling of the feet…it can be tough on a woman physically and emotionally.  While it’s not always a glamorous thing, we have complied our list of ten things that make being pregnant great…besides the amazing end of results of a beautiful baby obviously!

  1. Naps! Take all the glorious naps you want because not only is it wise to catch up on sleep before baby but growing a baby is exhausting!
  2. Daydreaming about baby names. Or just daydreaming about baby, both activities can take up almost as much time as napping.
  3. “Eating for Two”. This one takes the cake, literally. I know technically you only get a few hundred extra calories but eating extra for the good of the baby is a fun benefit!
  4. Getting to “take it easy” when it comes to work. We moved when I was pregnant with my first and literally didn’t have to do a thing.  Even though I wanted to help, I was ordered to put my feet up.
  5. Getting “spoiled” from your partner. Need a foot rub? Craving some ice cream?  The extra attention from your spouse is a fun bonus to carrying a baby!
  6. Baby Kicks! Is there anything better than baby kicks?  Right up there with getting to hear baby’s heartbeat from the inside.
  7. Baby Showers! All the fun parties that are thrown in your and baby’s honor are so much fun!  Visit with friends, eat lots of tasty food and having a blast while everyone is showering baby with gifts!
  8. Prenatal Vitamins. Bear with me on this one. Yes, they can be tough to swallow at times but my hair and nails never looked better!   And the pregnancy glow on your skin?  The best!!
  9. Two words- Stretchy Pants!!!!!
  10. And last, getting to receive a subscription to The Stork Bag. The baby will get spoiled plenty but there is nothing like receiving a Stork Bag every trimester to make you feel amazing and special.  This is our favorite thing about being pregnant for sure!!


What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? Let us know in the comments below!

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