The Stork Bag’s Winter Break and (Social Distancing Friendly!) Survival Guide

The holidays are wrapping up and now if you are anything like me, you are staring down the barrel of the kids being home from school for a few weeks.  I just can’t handle “I’m bored”, especially when we have a house full of new toys. So I’m arming myself with a list of things to do with the kids when we need to shake things up and change things up!  Below is my list and I hope you can utilize it, just in case you have a “we are all going stir-crazy” type of emergency.

  1. Winter is officially here! Get out of the house if it’s not too cold! There are plenty of winter outdoor related activities to do, even if you don’t have any snow.  Go for a winter hike or ice skating at a local rink.  If you do have snow, the possibilities grow and can obviously include sledding, snowman building and of course, snowball fights!
  2. If it’s too cold to go outside and play, stay bundled up indoors with a movie marathon or family game night! This can be done at home very easily- pick a theme, makes some snacks and stay in your pajamas for a cozy day of fun. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  3. Organizing a (virtual) play date with friends is always a good way to have some fun. This time of year is especially easy because there are so many new toys and games to play with and show off. 
  4. Winter crafting themes are always a big hit in my house! My kids like to decorate pinecones, make their own snow and cut out fun snowflake shapes! The possibilities are infinite, especially when you have websites like Pinterest to be your guide.  And if you aren’t feeling creative, a quick trip to your local craft store will most likely have a plethora of easy craft ideas to bring home! Puzzles and science experiments are also great family activities!
  5. Make a family bucket list! It's safe to say that most of us didn't get to do many of the things we had planned in 2020 so spend some time over break and come up with a list for the whole family of things everyone wants to do in 2021! Making plans, doing research and working out decisions can be a fun family activity to do together! 
  6. Try new things!  Take up some new hobbies and spend some time working on them! Want to take some virtual cooking classes or learn to bake? Want to start gardening or learn yoga? Make a list as a family of things you would like to try and get started on the list together, all from the comfort and safety of your home! This can be done with New Year's resolutions too!

What does your family like to do to keep busy over winter break? Let us know in the comments below!

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