The Stork Bag's 15 Favorite Baby Names Inspired By Royalty

There is a new royal baby and we could not be more excited!  One of the things I love is the rich history of names that are used in the royal family- some are used way more than others but all of them, in this writer’s opinion, are classic and timeless.  So, if you are expecting and feeling super inspired by all things royal, below is my list of my favorite baby names inspired by the Royal Family.  Enjoy!

  1. Albert- This name, of German origin, means “noble and bright”
  2. Alexander/Alexandra- Of Greek origin, meaning “Defender of Men”
  3. Beatrice- Used by Shakespeare, this name has Latin origins and means “bringer of joy”
  4. Charles- Not only is Prince Charles the current heir to the throne, but his name- of French origins- means “manly”
  5. Charlotte- Derived from the above ‘Charles’ and also of French origins- this name means “free man”
  6. Edward- This name, which has been the name for 11 kings of England, has English origins and means “wealthy guardian”
  7. Elizabeth- There have been two Queens named Elizabeth-including the current queen. The name has Hebrew origins and means “pledged to God”. We also love the twist Harry and Meghan used for this classic name by using Lilibet, which is the Queen's nickname!
  8. George- Despite having French origins and meaning “farmer’ – there have been six King Georges with the possibility of a seventh- not to mention the patron saint of England is St. George.
  9. Henry – This is actually Prince Harry’s real name and has German origins, meaning “estate ruler”
  10. Louis/Louise – This name, and its female counterpart, is from French origins and means “renowned warrior”. While it’s much more popular in France, the latest heir to the British throne was given this name.
  11. Margaret- This beautiful name, which has Greek origins, means “pearl”
  12. Phillip- This name, which is shared by the current queen’s late husband, is of English/French origins and means “love of horses”
  13. Victoria- This name, which has Latin roots, means “victory/conquer” and in Roman mythology Victoria was the Goddess of Victory- what a strong name for a girl!
  14. William- He may only be second in line to the throne, but Prince William has a strong name to see him through. Of English/German origins, this name means “resolute protector”
  15. Zara- This one doesn’t have as much history as some of the others, but it means “princess” in Hebrew and we love it.

What is your favorite baby name inspired by the Royal family? We would love to hear it in the comments below!

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