The Stork Bag's 21 Uses for Shea Butter

Shea Butter will provide improvement in all the conditions listed below. As you use this multi-purpose cream you are likely to discover additional uses. The amount of time required for optimum results with various conditions may vary with each condition. Wrinkles, for example, require 4 to 6 weeks of daily use. Itching is relieved immediately.

  1. Dry skin
    2. skin rash
    3. Skin peeling, after tanning
    4. Blemishes and wrinkles
    5. Itching skin
    6. Sunburn
    7. Shaving cream for a smooth silky shave.
    8. Small skin wounds
    9. Skin cracks
    10. Tough or rough skin (on feet.)
    11. Cold weather,
    12. Frost bites
    13. Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
    14. Insect bites
    15. Healthy skin
    16. Muscle fatigue, aches and tension
    17. For before and after strenuous exercise
    18. Skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak
    19. Eczema
    20. Dermatitis
    21. Skin damage from heat (hot grease while cooking, radiation treatment for certain medical problems, etc.)

The information provided here or elsewhere on this site is not intended to constitute professional medical advice for treatment. We encourage you to consult your personal physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


Everyone! Every household should have a jar of Shea Butter, either among the beauty supplies for soft smooth better looking skin, or in the medicine cabinet for minor skin injuries around the house. SHEA BUTTER IS THE SKIN’S BEST FRIEND!

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