The Stork Bag's Favorite Earth Day Activities to do with your Kids

  1. Recycling –This is huge, and the earlier kids understand recycling the better.  Practice recycling in your home by making a list of items that can be recycled and sorting them together.
  2. Make Bird Feeders- This is a fun activity for all ages and can be done easily with a pinecone, some peanut butter and birdseed. Put them up and enjoy watching the birds eat as a family.
  3. Painting Stones- What a fun way to beautify any garden!  Paint them for your own garden or share them with the community at parks.
  4. Nature Walk- Take a nature walk (while maintaining social distance of course)- this can be done in your backyard, around the neighborhood or trail.  This walk can have many missions- picking up trash, collecting sticks and leaves for projects that inspire, or simply observe and appreciate the beauty.
  5. “Nature” Art- Use any flowers, sticks, leaves or rocks to trace, design, shade or create art.  These can be collected on your nature walk or just be items you see that inspire creation! Try not to destroy nature for this purpose- encourage kids to pick up what is already on the ground.
  6. Start a Garden- Give your kids a jumpstart on having a green thumb and teach them how to create a garden of their own.  This can be a simple indoor potted plant or can be as large as a vegetable garden that will help feed the family- the kids will have fun making it their own!
  7. Repurpose Recycling- Use your recycled materials for something new! Use cardboard boxes to make a fort, use old tin cans to make musical instruments – just use your imagination.  The kids will have a blast brainstorming how to find new uses for discarded items.
  8.  Brainstorming Session- Have an open discussion with kids and explain the purpose of Earth Day and ask them what ideas they have for helping our planet.  Start small by thinking of ways your family can help and figure out a system, so you can implement their ideas! Let the ideas grow and see how far their ideas can spread!
  9. Homemade Crayons- Instead of buying new crayons next time you run out, start saving the old broken pieces.  Make a project out of using old crayon pieces to make new crayons- the kids will love making and using them!
  10. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt- Take you nature walk to the next level by creating a scavenger hunt.  The kids will enjoy the search and you can use it as a teaching/exploring opportunity!

What is your favorite Earth Day activity to do with kids? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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