The Stork Bag's Favorite Maternity Style Tips for Summer

Can you believe we are already into July starting tomorrow?! This is great for anyone who enjoys the warm summer months but probably not for a pregnant mom-to-be, especially during a summer where it seems no area is safe from the dreaded heat waves! And the truth is no matter if you are four months along or about to pop, no one likes to invest in clothing that you won’t be wearing this time next year.  Check out our tips below that will not only help to make you as comfortable as possible, but also won’t cost you an arm or a swollen foot.

  1. Invest in basics: Simple tanks and tees can really go a long way when you are expecting. Not only are they easy to dress up and accessorize but can still be used in the winter months as layered looks with warmer pieces. Another great tip: you don’t need to necessary buy maternity in these items if you can find them in Extra Long; many stores have this as a popular shopping item
  2. Layers: Always dress in layers, even in the summer! One of the more annoying characteristics of pregnancy is unpredictable thermostat readings in your body so it’s a good idea to come prepared to shed a couple layers if needed. Especially right now when some places can feel like freezers with the AC cranked high.
  3. Dresses/Skirts: This is always a sound investment during pregnancy. Maxi skirts and long dresses, like basics above, can really be dressed up for any occasion. Not only are they a cute way to showcase your bump, but these usually come in comfortable fabrics that keep you both pleasant and cool.
  4. Fabric Selection is KEY: Summertime wardrobe fabric choices are probably more important than any other season. When you do invest in maternity pieces, invest in fabrics that are stretchy, breathable and/or as natural as possible. Cottons and linens will keep you much more comfortable than say polyester and denim.  Another great tip: avoid dark colors as they will attract heat and keep you hotter.  Select lighter colors and/or fun prints that will really make your bump pop, no pun intended!
  5. Keep your shoes flat: This can be harder for some than others and as hard as it might be to take a break from the fun summer wedges, it’s honestly a smart move during the summer. Heat makes you hot/dehydrated which can cause swelling which can make those cute wedges look (and feel) not so cute. Flats can be worn in any season so try and stick to basic colors/styles that can be worn with many different looks.

What are your favorites was to stay cool without breaking the bank? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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