The Stork Bag's Tips for Managing Stress during Pregnancy

No matter if it’s your first or fifth, pregnancy is always a stressful time for a mom-to-be.  Whether it’s managing the anxiety of becoming a parent for the first time or trying to juggle children/work/life with another child coming into the family, it can be a difficult time and stress can become overwhelming.  Properly managing stress and reducing anxiety may help you have a healthier pregnancy, healthier delivery and healthier baby at birth.  Below are our tips for ways to help manage and reduce stress during pregnancy- all hopefully helping to achieve a happier and healthier you while expecting!

  1. Take a Soak: Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than a nice, warm bath – I believe you can actually feel your stress washing away! Baths can help soothe sore muscles and allow for some much-needed alone time. Just remember to keep the water temperature from getting too hot and/or consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.
  2. Exercise: As much as you probably don’t feel like breaking a sweat, exercising is always a great way to manage stress. Great exercises during pregnancy can include yoga, swimming or even a simple walk.  Again, consult your doctor before you begin a new exercise regime during pregnancy, but these low impact activities should get the okay and allow you to take a much-needed break from the stress and anxiety.
  3. Get Pampered: Take a trip to the local spa and indulge in some pampering! Whether it’s a simple haircut or pedicure (cue amazing foot rub) or a splurge on a prenatal massage and facial, the time spent focusing on things other than baby will help make you feel better! Not to mention the added bonus of confidence any woman feels when leaving a salon!
  4. Do Less: This can be hard, but pregnancy is a time to slow down. It can be difficult to not get caught up in everything that is going on, but this is exactly how all the stress sneaks up on you during pregnancy.  Take every opportunity to cut back, take breaks and ask for help.  You can’t do it all-and shouldn’t expect yourself to during this time when your body is taking on such a big job of growing life!
  5. Sleep: A great way to reduce stress is to try and get more sleep! Your body is already working overtime so allowing yourself to sleep in or take naps when you can will have a big impact on your stress level. I know, it’s so hard to get sleep with some much going on, especially when it can be so physically difficult to sleep with your body growing and changing but do your best- your body will ultimately thank you! A good night of sleep or a long nap works wonders!
  6. Meditate: Even if you have never meditated before, taking advantage of this simple practice can really help to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety. Taking deep breaths and/or creating a mantra to repeat to yourself in order to take a break from stress can be really effective and takes almost no time whatsoever.
  7. Journaling: The pendulum swing on how you feel is all over the place and keeping a journal is a perfect outlet for all those emotions. Release feelings of fear, stress and anxiety by writing them all down and really exploring where those feelings are coming from.  I can promise you it will make you feel better.  This journal is perfect for writing, managing stress and a fun keepsake from your time during pregnancy.
  8. Embrace the Nesting: I know, this kind of contradicts #4 but here is the thing- if you are stressed about getting the nursery done, just do it. If figuring out your birth plan is giving you anxiety, create it. Procrastinating or putting off the tasks that are stressing you out isn’t helping and they will need to be done regardless so while keeping #4 in mind, just do the things that are causing you anxiety. The sooner you do them, the sooner you can unload the stress.


How did you manage stress during your pregnancy? We would love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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