The Stork Bag's Tips for Naturally Boosting Energy During Pregnancy

Growing a baby is hard work and also- super exhausting, especially in that first trimester.  Your body's working overtime and it's really easy to feel run down and lose energy during this time.  Not to mention, your daily coffee/caffeine fix is a no-no during this time so what is a pregnant mama-to-be to do? We are here to help- check out our tips below for ways to help boost your energy during pregnancy in natural and easy ways!


  1. Sleep- Obviously this is a no-brainer, right?  You would think so but us women are busy and known to burn the candle at both ends. It's hard to let go of those bad habits during pregnancy however sleep during this time must be made a priority.  As mentioned above, your body is working so hard and depletion of that energy comes fast and furious so getting those eight hours every night is more important than ever.  Also- napping helps, even if it's just a 15-20-minute rest, all of that extra time adds up to help you have more energy.
  1. Stay Hydrated- Another easy and effective fix!  The average woman falls well below in getting her much needed 6-8 glasses of water per day and you need even more than that during pregnancy!  Water helps carry all those essential nutrients throughout the body for both you and baby so drink up!  Fatigue is one of the first symptoms when you are low on fluids so stay hydrated and it will be sure to help keep those energy levels up!
  1. Eat Healthy and Often - This is also a very easy fix but sometimes is hard to remember and maintain. As previously stated, your body needs so much energy to grow a baby and a huge piece of this puzzle is diet.  As a pregnant mama, you need to make sure not only are you eating foods that will help keep your energy up but also eating them often enough.  Trying eating every 3-4 hours and incorporate healthy snacks that are high in protein (which will give you energy) and iron ( which will help prevent anemia, which also makes you feel fatigued and is super common in pregnancy) like nuts, mangoes, spinach and sweet potatoes.  We aren't saying you can't treat yourself too but eating frequently and smartly will directly impact your energy levels.
  1. Stay Active - This seems like an impossible task, right?  We are suggesting that to get more energy you have to use what little energy you have to exercise?  Ha! We are aware of how this sounds but trust us, it will help.  Fight the urge to stay in bed or on the couch and get moving!  Whether it's stretching when you first wake up in the morning, taking a walk on your lunch break or doing a yoga class in the evening, getting your body moving will not only make you feel better but actually give you more energy due to an increase in endorphins, better heart health (which gives you more endurance to tackle the day) and improved sleep.  So, get moving!

What is your go-to way to boost energy during pregnancy? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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