The Stork Bag's Tips for Surviving Bed Rest with a Toddler

The dreaded bed rest requirement is a tough pill to swallow.  Not only are you stressed about the health of the little one you are cooking but it can also seem like an impossible feat to accomplish between work, household and personal obligations.  And that’s assuming you don’t have any other children.  But what if you do have other children, especially children too young to be able to take care of themselves?  I consider myself fortunate in the fact that I was never required to be on bed rest, but it really got me thinking- what if that had happened when I was pregnant with my son? My daughter was between 28 and 38 months when I was pregnant, and I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have taken care of her from bed while my husband was at work all day.  But I would have had to- just like many pregnant mamas do! If you find yourself in this situation or know someone who is, check out our tips below to hopefully help during this stressful time!

  1. Schedule time to visit with friends and playdates – Let visitors come to you! This can be both beneficial to both you and your kiddos, allowing for some much-needed time for each of you to spend time with other people. Friends who know your situation will have no problem coming to you so fill up the calendar with visitors and it will make your situation much more enjoyable for everyone. And don't be afraid to ask them to mask up!
  2. Ask for help – I know, this is a hard one. Isn’t it funny that us moms are always so worried about burdening others? People will offer to help- take them up on it! And if they don’t- don’t be afraid to ask.  Whether it’s picking something up from the store or taking out the trash, you will be overwhelmed with offers from people who want to help so let them!
  3. Find your “Basecamp”- It will be so hard to do all the fun things your child wants to do away from the living room or playroom or wherever your kids spend the majority of their time. Make that space a comfortable space where you can be also- move furniture, set up a mattress and make a ‘command center’ close to you (that doesn’t require you to get up) to make you as efficient as possible from the comfort of your bed rest position.
  4. Plan ahead - Work together with your child (if they are old enough) to come up with ideas to fill your time. Brainstorm ideas together and make plans to implement those ideas when someone is around to help you gather supplies and plans. Want to read a series of books? Want to work on a detailed art project? By making plans ahead of time, this will hopefully arm you with plenty of ideas to keep everyone happy!   
  5. Hire a cleaning service – Come on, this is a no brainer. You can’t clean and your partner probably will be too busy helping you to do it. And it will drive you crazy not being able to do it. So just hire someone and don’t think twice about it.
  6. Relax and let things go- This is going to be a difficult time but remember that it’s only temporary. Have an honest talk with your child about the situation so, if they are old enough, they can understand that things are going to be different but that they can still be fun. Loosen up the rules, let them watch too much tv and remember that you are a wonderful mom and these changes in routine won’t last forever.

Have you experienced bed rest with young children? What is your best advice for surviving? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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