Tips For Expecting Mothers With Toddlers

I’m scribbling and crossing out as I try to write my article for The Stork Bag, it’s a bit difficult to concentrate now as an expecting mother and my 2yr old toddler isn’t helping at all, with her constant questioning; “mummy what is this? Mummy what is that?” I was just about grabbing my hair and tearing it out, when I thought to myself, “exactly!” I’m going to write about how to get by as an expecting mother with a toddler! So, my hubby and I are expecting our second baby, yay?, and we are super excited (well he is more excited than I am since I’m the one going through the discomforts that come with pregnancy).
Anyway, it’s been an adventurous journey so far, ? taking care of my toddler (super hyper active 2year old girl), my hubby and myself, plus the little one in me. Trust me, it’s no joke sometimes I wonder how mums with twins or more kids get by.
Below are tips to make your journey through this phase a little more comfy.


  • First, you need to have a good support system. Surround yourself with people/ family you can trust and that can cater to your needs or help you out when you need help.
  • Second, talk to your toddler about the coming baby, prepare their mind, also engage them in DIY activities.
  • Third, when you forget to take care of yourself (as we mothers tend to do every once in a while), remember the little one inside you, for their sake ensure you are healthy and fit.
Try to eat a balanced meal each time you take your meal, infuse green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber, well cooked eggs and fruits in your everyday meal. I discovered that these things help with my metabolism and help get rid of hunger pains. It also helps with portion control.
If you are a busy mom like me and you run around and driving a lot, it helps to have a bottle for water or smoothie to take with you on the go.
Carry healthy snacks around like apples, dried fruits, nuts or a healthy sandwich.
As the pregnancy progresses, I’ve discovered I burn more energy quickly while catering to my toddler and the little one inside of me seems to want food more often than usual, mostly when am out?. Rather than get hungry and stop to get something to eat at a fast food (which is usually junk & not healthy) I always go around with my pre packed sandwich, dried fruits, nuts or fruits and smoothie.
Waking up in the morning has become a major chore as I am getting closer to my 3rd trimester ?? and preparing my toddler for preschool every morning is always what I call “fast tracked” from the night before.
I sort out her school bag with change of clothes, ensure she has her snack and lunch for the next day available the night before, so all I have to do in the morning is warm it up and package ?. I also sort out clothing for the day, the night before. I’m kind of particular about what my kid wears to school, ?(yes am fashion oriented).  For more of my busy mom tips visit my blog PS: You should also know how to romance Le hubby into helping out a lot? (I call it the wonders of pregnancy).
Finally, once I feel the need to rest I don’t push it, ladies we need rest I learned that the hard way in my first pregnancy…. HBP (High Blood Pressure) in pregnancy is not good for you or your baby, it’s best to prevent it than nurse it.
However, ladies being pregnant is a beautiful thing, the only thing I regret is that I don’t get to drink wine for nine months ??????. Valentine’s Day is creeping in slowly, I’ve told hubs “if I can’t drink, nobody drinks” ?.
Anything for our baby??
Deestylefairy xoxo

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