Tips From The Stork Bag: Going Back To Work When You Have A Toddler

Returning to work after being home with your little one for so long is one of the hardest things a mom has to go through. You not only have to sacrifice time during your day working and being apart from your little one, but you also have to trust someone, or multiple people to take care of your little one. Not to mention that on top of getting yourself ready for the day and getting your toddler ready you also have to drop your kiddo off before getting to work. At the end of the day, you still have to shift from working woman, back to mom and it is rough.

Here are some tips and tricks for the working mamas to make their life a little more manageable and less hectic:

-Set multiple alarms, trust me, you will hit the snooze button
-Set your alarm earlier than needed and wake up! This will make up for any toddler tantrums, or if you forgot something
– Prepare breakfast and lunches the night before
– If you do not like preparing breakfast beforehand like me, have some quick options ready to go, parfaits, overnight oats, waffles, fruit salads, etc.
– Choose your outfit and your kiddos outfit the night before and have it ready
– Pack your bag and your little one’s bag the night before and have it ready
– Divide tasks and chores. Assign one for each day of the week, that way your weekend isn’t loaded with housework and errands
– Meal plan and grocery shop according to that plan
– Prepare dinner the night before
– Use a slow cooker or Insta Pot! Nothing beats coming home to having dinner ready or within a few minutes
– Remember to set aside alone time for you and your little one each day. For ex: read a book together each night, go for a walk, have a before bed snack together or even have dinner together each night.
-Take time for yourself too, whether it may be watching a favorite tv show, reading a book or exercising

Last but not least, remember you are an amazing mother and just because you are now a working mom, does not make you any less than any other mom.

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