Trying To Cook With A New Baby In The House? Try Our Favorite Meal Prep Tips!

Newborns are the sweetest but they are also time and energy magicians- they make both disappear into thin air.  A new day starts and you think you have the entire day ahead of you and before you know it, the dinner hour has rolled around, your stomach is growling and the table and stove are empty.  Time management can be tough when learning to take care of a new baby, especially if you have other children at home with you. We have rounded up the best tips for getting dinner on the table after a long day with baby.

  1. Plan Ahead: Make a list of meals and then write down all the ingredients you need for each meal. A friend of mine made a color-coded note card system with the name of the dish on the front and the ingredients she needed on the back before she gave birth.  When it comes time to make the grocery list, plan your meals for the week and include all the ingredients needed for those meals.  This will take the guess work out of what to cook and wondering if you have all the ingredients you need.
  2. Keep It Simple: This is not the time to try and whip up a four-course meal.  Keeping the meals simple will not only take less time, but will also be less stressful during prep time.  After I brought home my son, we lived off meals like grilled cheese and soup and baked chicken with frozen veggies.
  3. Start early in the day: Try making a timeline for the day in terms of the meal you want to cook for dinner and break it down into small steps throughout the day.  Chop veggies in the morning, marinate a chicken in the afternoon.  Making a big task into smaller mini tasks will make preparing dinner less daunting and overwhelming.
  4. Keep the take-out menus at ready: Sometimes you just can’t. You haven’t showered all day and the baby has been crying and the thought of cooking makes you want to burn the kitchen down. It is definitely ok to throw that planned meal idea out the window for the night and order up some take-out for dinner.  My favorite tip- time it just right so that your spouse can pick up the food on their way home from work!


What are your favorite tips for getting a meal on the table with a new baby in the house? Let us know in the comments below!

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