'Welcome' Gift Ideas To Help With Early Sibling Bonding

Siblings are the best, aren’t they? I have 3 brothers and could not imagine my life without them. In honor of how much we love the sibling relationship, we decided to take it all the way back to the very beginning of when the sibling relationship physically starts- the birth of the new sibling.  Getting a new baby brother or sister can be an exciting time in a child’s life but might also bring feelings of anxiety and apprehension due to change and the unknown.  Some parents decide to ease the initial transition along by giving the older sibling a gift from the new baby at the time of birth.  Now, this practice might not suit every family but if it is something that interests you, our list below includes our favorite gift ideas from new baby to older sibling.

  1. Matching gifts– Take the older sibling out to pick out something for baby like a stuffed animal and buy two. After baby’s arrival, let then “trade” gifts and your little one will hopefully be excited to not only receive a gift from baby, but also to match. We did this and five years later my kids both still cuddle with the special bunny they each got each when my son was born. They know it’s special and bonds them in a fun way.
  2. Books– If you haven’t gotten a big brother or big sister book yet, this is a wonderful opportunity to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. It will be a fun gift for the older sibling to get while at the same time possibly exploring topics that might be causing anxiety. You could also take it a step further and personalize a book, with your own photos and message from the new baby.
  3. Personalized gift– This one is simple but effective. Pick what interests the older sibling and let the baby gift that. Is your son into cars? Let the new baby get him some new cars with a note that says, “Can’t wait to play cars with you!” This will be an exciting gift for the older sibling to receive and will allow for bonding from the older sibling due to perceived shared interests.
  4. Camera– This one is fun, especially for older siblings. Let them be a part of the birth of a new sibling by allowing them to document it in their own way. A disposable or digital camera, along with a photo album, is a wonderful gift that will keep them busy, make them feel important and create a wonderful keepsake of such a special time.
  5. Meaningful jewelry– This one can be for any age but especially for the older siblings as well. For girls- a special locket or bracelet from the new baby to remember the day they came into the family. For boys- a wrist or pocket watch to be engraved with a special message from his new baby sibling.


Did your new baby gift something to his or her older siblings at birth? What did they give? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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