What’s The Difference Between A Push Party & A Baby Shower?!

Ok, so if you don’t live under a rock and frequently scroll the trending hashtags on social media like we do, you’ve probably heard the term “push party” pop up in the last 24 hours but, what the heck is a push party anyway?!

Many people are wondering if a push party is just an exaggerated baby shower but we think not. Similar to what The Stork Bagis to pregnancy shopping, a ‘Push Party’ is to the celebrating the pregnant mom.

It’s simple, a ‘Push Party’ celebrates the pregnant mom i.e gifts focusing on mommy-to-be, while a baby shower celebrates the impending arrival of baby, i.e. gifts for the baby. Why should push parties be celebrated? Well, because the pregnant mom goes through almost a year of hormonal changes, expanding body parts, developing a human (sometimes more than one) within her own body and she does all of this while still walking, talking and living normally. Let’s face it, not everyone can do it and for those who do, they deserve to be celebrated and pampered, which is why we say ‘YES!’ to push parties!

The Stork Bag is a perfect example of changing the way we shop and celebrate the expectant mom and the ‘Push Party’ does just that. 

Who made the ‘Push Party’ phenomena popular? 

Our guess, Beyoncé. Now, we’re not saying that no one has ever had a push party before Mrs. Carter, but we are saying that the Carters’ now famous soiree this past weekend has placed some extra attention of this type of celebration. 

So, what are your thoughts on Push Parties? Our vote is, keep them going! Let’s change the way we shop for pregnancy and begin to celebrate the expectant mom more, she deserves it! 

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