Write It All Down: The Benefits Of Journal Writing During And After Pregnancy

Journaling has been a proven and effective tool in the mental health field for a long time now and it produces a wide range of positive benefits, everything from improved mental health to goal making and progress tracking.  Which leads me to a thought- why isn’t every pregnant woman keeping a journal of one of the most emotional times of her life? If you aren’t convinced that you need to be journaling, check out our list below of all the reasons why it’s a great idea.

1. Outlet for emotions– We have all the emotions during pregnancy, am I right?  The pendulum swing on how you feel is all over the place and keeping a journal is a perfect outlet (other than your spouse, of course) for all those emotions.  Release feelings of fear, stress and anxiety by writing them all down and really exploring where those feelings are coming from.  I can promise you it will make you feel better.  This is also huge during post-partum days as Post-Partum Depression is a very serious medical condition.  Being in touch with your feelings can help you or your partner recognize when something is wrong.

2. Assist in Organization- Baby brain is a real thing. I swear, during my first pregnancy, a thought would leave my head as quickly as it came in with no recollection of what it was.  Use a journal to keep your thoughts of everything organized.  Thoughts of easy things like questions for your doctor, baby names or nursery checklists to thoughts on bigger issues like motherhood and parenting styles. 

3. Reference for other pregnancies- Want to have a guide book for pregnancy that was written by you, for you?  There is no better way to help you through a pregnancy than being able to reference the details of a previous pregnancy.  When did you start feeling morning sickness and more importantly when did it start going away?  Questions and answers like these will come in handy so the more details, the better! 

4. Bonding­- This is a wonderful way for you to bond with your child before he/she arrives.  Writing down how you feel during your pregnancy and how it relates to your new baby will strengthen your love before you even meet baby.  Write down hopes and dreams for baby, tell them songs you like to sing or what foods would give them hiccups when they were in your belly.  Relating through journaling will be your first baby step into motherhood.

5. Keepsake– Keeping a journal is a fantastic tool for the present day but can also be a fun trip down memory lane in the future.  This is not only fun for you but will eventually be fun for baby to look at when he/she is older.  One of my favorite things to do when I was a child was to look at my old baby book.  I would spend hours looking over all the details of what my mom’s life was like before me and what my early years consisted of.  Was I a crabby baby? Did she think I was a boy or a girl?  This is a wonderful way for mom to re-experience what pregnancy and post-partum life was like when the pregnancy days a far behind.

Did you keep a journal before or after pregnancy? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below! And if you are looking for tools to get you started, check out our shop for pregnancy and post-partum journals here.

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