Does The Stork Bag Cover Custom/Duties Charged By Destination Country?

** Note: The Stork Bag will no longer ship outside of the US beginning 7/09/2021.

No. The Stork Bag is a US company that happily delivers to customers throughout the world. Based on laws imposed by customs and border protection, fees may be charged when exporting/importing products. The amount of fees charged by the buyer’s/recipient’s destination country is unknown by The Stork Bag and is the responsibility of the buyer/recipient. All orders shipped outside of the US may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and other fees levied by the destination country.

When are shipping days?

Shipping schedule is as followed:

Mondays & Fridays

All Stork Bags are shipped via USPS & UPS.

Shipping days will be modified accordingly during UPS & USPS closures. In the event that UPS or USPS is closed on one of the shipping days, orders will ship on the next business day. 

Do you have coupons for The Stork Bag? If so, how can I get one?

Yes, we love to offer deals and promo codes for The Stork Bag. The best way to get a coupon is to follow us on Instagram and/or sign up for our newsletter.

How can I get my product in The Stork Bag? Any specific requirements?

We are no longer accepting product submissions. Future opportunities will be communicated.

Do you give away sponsored Stork Bags for reviews?

We give Stork Bag discounts for sponsored reviews. Email hello@thestorkbag.com for more info.

Do you sponsor events?

Yes, for more information please email hello@thestorkbag.com, media kit and supplemental information regarding the event and attendees will be requested.

Are Stork Bags sold in stores?

No, Stork Bags are available online only.

How many items in each Stork Bag?

Each Stork bag has between 6-8.

How long does it take to receive a Stork Bag?

Stork Bags are typically shipped within 7 days of ordering.

Are the products in the pictures included in the actual bags?

No, the products that are pictured have been included in the bags at one time or another but they serve as an example of what may appear in your Stork Bag. We constantly update our Stork Bag products to ensure the best value. Stork Bags are "surprise bags" therefore, we typically do not disclose what items are included in each bag. If you would like an itemized list of what is in a partiuclar bag, please email us at: hello@thestorkbag.com.

When are subscription Stork Bags mailed out?

For automatic subscriptions, Stork Bags are shipped when the subscription renews.

In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage, what happens if I purchased a subscription? Can I get my money back?

Yes, there is also the option of pausing your subscription and resuming at a later date. If a refund is requested, it will be prorated for the Stork Bags not yet delivered, each situation will be handled individually based on what works best for the customer.

Do you provide refunds?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not. We do replace broken or defective items free of charge.

Do you ship internationally as well? Is there an extra charge?

Starting 7/09/2021 The Stork Bag will no longer ship internationally.

How Much Is Shipping?

We offer free shipping* on all domestic (US) orders shipping within the United States.